Coping with Alzheimer’s & Caring for an Aging Parent in the Bay Area

Dealing with burnout from caring for an aging parent

Providing Alzheimer’s care for an aging parent with this or another long-term disease can be incredibly discouraging. Caregivers deal with not only physical exhaustion (lifting, carrying, cooking, bathing, feeding, dressing etc), but also with mental exhaustion and burnout.

If you’re a child caring for your aging parent in the Bay Area, you probably frequently worry…

  • What if my Mom falls while I’m not there?
  • What if my parent completely forgets who I am?
  • Will my loved one remember to take her pills, eat meals etc?
  • What if my Dad leaves the house and tries to drive or wanders onto the street?
  • Why do I have to see my loved one going through this?
  • How can I ever have any time to myself or for me and my family?
  • Why does my loved one have so much anger?

These are valid concerns and, thankfully, there are remedies for some. You are NOT alone! NuevaCare offers Alzheimer’s care for Bay Area seniors and can help you carry the burdens you feel and enable you to enjoy coming to see your parent again.

Alzheimer’s care relief in the Bay Area

Aging Parent

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Your new caregiver can handle many of the stresses of ensuring proper Alzheimer’s care for your loved one, such as giving helpful memory aids for basic tasks your parent does each day (like taking a shower or turning on the television). He or she can also help your senior by making nutritious meals or by light cleaning around the home if needed.

An aging parent with anger issues can be incredibly frustrating for a child to know how to handle. On the one hand, the issue your Mom or Dad is upset about may not even be a valid reason for anger. However, you love your parent and are saddened at seeing him or her suffering like this. You may even be dealing with some anger yourself about having to provide Alzheimer’s care. A third-party Bay Area caregiver can be an important “buffer” in tense, anger-filled moments. The caregiver can rationally assess the situation and help your senior work through the frustration he or she is feeling.

Coping with your own stress

Now that your parent is getting the care he / she needs, it’s time to take care of yourself. Below are a few ideas…

  • Treat yourself to a massage or manicure/pedicure
  • Exercise at the gym or take up a new sport such as volleyball, biking or ultimate frisbee
  • Talk to a counselor, physician, pastor or friend
  • Take a weekend trip out of town with your family
  • Read books on coping with Alzheimer’s care
  • Join a support group

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Coping with Alzheimer’s & Caring for an Aging Parent in the Bay Area
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