Proper Alzheimers Care for San Carlos Seniors includes Medication Reminders

Medications are designed to reduce pain, improve health and take care of symptoms of various diseases or health issues. However useful they are, medications can also prove to be highly problematic. It’s especially important for seniors receiving Alzheimers care or care for another disease to get assistance with meds. NuevaCare’s San Carlos team of caregivers want to help.

Alzheimers Care tactics to reduce medication overdose hazards

Proper Alzheimers Care for San Carlos Seniors includes Medication Reminders

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San Carlos families may not realize the importance of medication reminders for their seniors. As your senior ages, he or she will need to take more prescription or over-the-counter drugs to offset various health complications that arise. With this comes the potential for drug overdose or medication misuse in other ways…even if it’s purely accidental. And, if your senior is receiving special care for a disease with its own set of meds (such as Alzheimers care), the chance of medication problems only rises.

NuevaCare’s San Carlos team of aides doesn’t offer medical or medication advice for seniors, but CAN provide medication reminders to help streamline your senior’s daily medication regimen. This is very important as a professional caregiver will be able to notice differences in types of meds, timing for meds and quantity of meds that a senior might miss, especially one receiving Alzheimers care and suffering with related memory loss.

If your senior accidentally overdoses on drugs, a NuevaCare caregiver can provide transportation assistance and take him / her to doctor’s appointments as needed. Your senior’s San Carlos caregiver can offer great value to a doctor in diagnosing potential problems by maintaining a list of medications your senior takes and the timing/quantities of each. In addition, a caregiver may also notice behavioral changes in your senior and can alert a doctor, concerned family members or another medical professional about the observations.

Your Alzheimers care senior is a precious and valued member of the San Carlos community. And, thankfully, medical advancements and prescription drugs have made life as an elderly person much more bearable. Even so, nothing can replace the watchful eye and caring hand of a trained caregiver.


Proper Alzheimers Care for San Carlos Seniors includes Medication Reminders
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