Alzheimers Care in the Wintertime: Fighting the Blues in San Mateo

San Mateo seniors may not have to worry about dealing with snow in the winter, but they will have to adjust to less natural lighting as it begins to get dark earlier and earlier in the evenings. For those needing Alzheimers care attention, this can be especially difficult due to sundowning.

Good San Mateo Alzheimers care can help seniors fight sundowning

It’s that time of year again…when it starts to get cooler outside and the sun sets earlier. As you start preparing for the winter season, don’t forget that your senior needs some extra attention now as well. Seniors suffering from Alzheimers disease can show signs of agitation and have trouble sleeping at night because the changing light messed with their sleep rhythm. Depression and general grumpiness due to being tired can ensue. As a result, San Mateo caregivers can find it more challenging to assist your loved one during the winter months. However, NuevaCare caregivers can try to fight the symptoms of sundowning or Seasonal Affective Disorder (SAD) with several different tricks.

One way to help people with the wintertime blues is to encourage them to get additional exposure to indoor lighting or to use light therapy. It may be dark outside, but San Mateo caregivers can simulate “normal” wake / sleep schedules by strategically tricking the body into thinking that it has enough light. Seniors receiving Alzheimers care can easily get disoriented, so this can help them maintain normalcy as much as possible.

A brief walk outside can also be a great way to improve your loved one’s mood and boost energy. Your senior’s NuevaCare caregiver can assist with transportation to a local San Mateo park and companionship during the exercise routine.

Vitamin D supplements can also help with fighting wintertime depression. However, make sure your senior receiving Alzheimers care talks to his or her doctor before any changes to medications or supplements.

For caregivers, it’s important to remember that seniors (especially those needing Alzheimers care) will be struggling during this time of year. By helping them to feel calm, stay positive and keep to a healthy sleep routine, you’ll go a long way in creating a good environment for their overall health.


Alzheimers Care in the Wintertime: Fighting the Blues in San Mateo
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