Alzheimers Care: Tips for Foster City Caregivers

Remember that your Foster City senior needing Alzheimers care IS NOT dumb. Even though it would be completely unintentional, don’t fall into a habit of patronizing or treating your senior as if he or she is a baby. Far from it! Your senior will have trouble remembering basic tasks (like taking medications or how to turn on the TV), but has the wisdom of age and a wealth of knowledge about life, love and days gone by that need to be valued and appreciated.

As a caregiver, it’s vital that you empathize with the feelings that your senior expresses and try to understand the difficulty he / she is having with growing older. Getting older isn’t easy and dealing with Alzheimers makes the struggle even more apparent.

Alzheimers care tips for encouraging your Foster City senior

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Let your senior express his or her opinions in a healthy way by encouraging expression in art, music or even written form. Art is a perfect way to show depth of emotion and to even grieve loss of youth, health, loved ones etc. Seniors receiving Alzheimers care assistance especially can benefit from the mental stimulation of painting or singing as it keeps their brains active and firing and engages their creative sensibilities.

Empower seniors with Alzheimers care needs by giving them visual clues to help them remember things. For example, help them make a photo book with the names of family members next to the corresponding photos. Show him or her how to make a piece of toast or turn on the TV and then label the objects used and write down how to use them.

Discouragement is something that both you and your Alzheimers care senior will face. Find ways to deal with your own stress and frustration outside of the workplace so that you can fully function as a caregiver when assisting your senior. You’ll greatly benefit from seeking out help from other sources experienced in dealing with long-term illness. Your positive attitude will go a long way to brighten the day and encourage the senior you’re serving.

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Alzheimers Care: Tips for Foster City Caregivers
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