Bathroom Hazards for Seniors: Burlingame Home Care Solutions

We all enjoy the feeling of a hot bath or shower and the smell of freshly-laundered towels. The bathroom is a place to unwind, relax and take care of your body. But the bathroom can also be one of the most dangerous places for a senior’s body. Thankfully, for Burlingame seniors receiving home care assistance, that threat can be minimized. Here’s some of the ways how.

Home care can help Burlingame seniors stay safe in the bathroom

Bathroom Hazards for Seniors: Burlingame Home Care Solutions

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Bathroom fixtures use a lot of water and this can cause a major problem with slipping, especially for seniors who already have balance and mobility issues. Ways to combat this include adding lots of hand railing near areas where climbing and standing are involved…getting up / down from the toilet and into / out of the bath or shower. Make sure that the rails are securely fastened and are easy to grab and hold onto.

You’ll also want to minimize possible hazards underfoot, such as wet towels or puddles of water. Adhesive grips on the floor and inside the bathtub can help. If your senior keeps his or her dirty laundry in the bathroom, his or her home care aide can make sure there’s a hamper available with easy access for placing clothing into.

Other dangers include the use of electric devices while in the bathroom. Items such as a room heater, iron and blow dryer could potentially cause electric shock if used in close proximity to water (which is prevalent in a bathroom!). One solution for this is to move your Burlingame senior’s makeup / personal grooming area out of the bathroom into the bedroom or somewhere near a mirror and good lighting. You may want to talk with a contractor for ideas related to heating the bathroom and if he or she has any recommendations.

Your senior’s bathroom floor plan could also make it difficult for walker or wheelchair access. This is where a NuevaCare home care aide can provide great assistance. Instead of having to navigate around the room alone and without the stability of a walker / wheelchair, your senior can take the arm of a helpful caregiver who can walk with your loved one and assist him or her in moving about the room safely. A caregiver can help restock the bathroom as supplies are needed and even provide light housekeeping help in cleaning and sanitizing the bathroom. If any unforeseen accident occurs, the Burlingame aide can quickly assess the situation and call for medical support.

The bathroom is a place to relax, but it’s also a very vulnerable place for seniors. NuevaCare’s Burlingame caregivers can help minimize the potential for injury by offering a helping home care hand.


Bathroom Hazards for Seniors: Burlingame Home Care Solutions
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