Belmont Senior Care ideas for Fourth of July fun

This week, we celebrate the Fourth of July…a summer holiday filled with watermelon, fireworks, swimming pools, boating at the lake and, best of all, time with family. But for many adults receiving senior care in Belmont, holidays like the Fourth can only remind them of how lonely they are. Even though you’ll want to spend every precious moment enjoying relaxation, don’t forget to take a little bit of time to show your aging parent that you love him or her. NuevaCare’s Belmont senior care team offers some ideas for making the holiday more fun for your loved one.

Simple holiday ideas for Belmont senior care fun

  • Fireworks – In all likelihood, you’re probably planning to shoot off a bunch of fireworks (or at least go to an event where they do). As such, the Fourth of July isn’t the most conducive holiday for including your senior in these festivities. Your senior could potentially enjoy it, but be especially sensitive and aware that the loud noises of fireworks could be scary / stressful for senior adults. If your senior is a veteran, the Fourth will be very meaningful, but the noise of fireworks could be very difficult for those suffering with PTSD. A better alternative is to watch a patriotic fireworks display on television…major networks usually have “live” holiday programs to watch.
  • Decorations – One definite way to include your parent receiving senior care in the festivities is to help him or her to decorate the house with flags and lots of red, white and blue! Maybe you could plant some red and white flowers together in a pot or bed outside and spruce up the mailbox with a pinwheel and flag. Or it could even be as simple as a red tablecloth, blue placemats and white plates. Get creative and encourage your senior to think about what he or she has that could be used for remembering and celebrating the holiday. Maybe some special photographs from holidays past or one of a family member who served in the military could be displayed prominently.
  • Grandkids – Buy a cheap kiddie pool and take it over to Grandma and / or Grandpa’s house with the kids. What better way to encourage your parent receiving senior care than to let him or her watch the antics of kids! It’ll be a fun-filled afternoon for everyone. Let your Belmont senior feel involved by making a healthy lunch together with a fruit salad of blueberries and strawberries (of course!), a tuna or other nutritious sandwich and crunchy veggies and dip. For dessert, let the kids enjoy some popsicles outside while you and your senior make some low-sugar cookies.

Senior care during the holidays doesn’t have to be impossible! We can’t replace the bond you have with your loved one, but NuevaCare’s Belmont senior care team can help make your job a whole lot easier. Here’s hoping that you and your beloved parent have a safe and very happy Fourth of July!

Belmont Senior Care ideas for Fourth of July fun
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