4 Big Benefits of Senior Care in Redwood City

It’s common for seniors to resist the idea of senior care from a professional caregiver. They don’t like the idea of a stranger coming into their home, or they value their independence. Talking to your loved one about senior care in Redwood City can make all the difference in terms of getting them onboard with improving their lives through home care.

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Senior care in Redwood City helps maintain independence

When a home care provider comes in to help a senior, at first the senior can feel as though they’re being watched al of the time. However what’s really happening is that they have someone available to them that allows them to stay at home with ease. They can maintain their independence while still having the help that they need when they need it. Help can come in the form of light housekeeping, meal preparation, or transportation. The bottom line is that, rather than getting in the way of independence, senior care in Redwood City actually helps to expand it.

Respite care for loved ones

For the most part, family caregivers bear the burden of taking on responsibilities as senior health wanes. Senior care in Redwood City allows families to have a built in respite care plan. When family caregivers need to travel or work, there’s someone there to take up the care mantle. It can start off on a temporary basis to see how it works, then be expanded if necessary.

Safety in the home

A major concern that comes with age is home safety. Seniors can easily forget to lock a door, or might be uncertain as to whether they turned off the stove or unplugged the coffee pot.  Redwood City home care gives you loved one the kind of gentle support for safety that they need, preventing falls and maintaining a safe space.

Improved activity with senior care

Senior care in Redwood City allows your loved one to have more control over their activity levels. Professional home care workers can drive them to events, assist in exercise, and take on home tasks so that seniors can do other things. We know that being active is an important key to staving off many ailments, and senior care is her to help your loved one maintain that activity level.

To learn more about how NuevaCare can help your family to face concerns about falling with the help of a professional caregiver, simply give us a call at 650-769-4299 or submit the form to the right. While our home care office is in San Mateo, we service Bay Area clients from San Francisco to Redwood City and beyond. A highly trained professional from our office will contact you immediately to discuss your specific needs and to set up an free in home assessment.

4 Big Benefits of Senior Care in Redwood City
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Kamran Nasser

I am the Managing Director of NuevaCare.

Our mission is to improve the quality of life for seniors and those in need of care in the comfort and safety of their own home.

NuevaCare provides responsive, quality, and affordable in-home care to those who need help due to old age or recovering from surgery or illness. NuevaCare is a member of California Association of Health Services at Home (CAHSAH), and Companion Connection Senior Care (CCSC), with access to recognized experts in the field of home care and the most current educational resources, which enable us to provide the highest level of care to our clients. We work with local hospitals, skilled nursing facilities and other senior housing communities to educate, inform and promote awareness about importance of senior safety and healthy living. We provide hourly, live-in, overnight, and 24/7 care.