Understanding boredom in Belmont seniors receiving diabetes care

Curiosity may have killed the cat, but boredom in seniors can cause great damage as well. Caregivers assisting Belmont seniors with diabetes care and other home care needs would do well to pay attention to the mental status of their seniors. After all, boredom can be a symptom of bigger, more serious issues.

What’s the big problem with boredom? Straight talk about diabetes care needs for Belmont seniors

Understanding boredom in Belmont seniors receiving diabetes care

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Think about what you do every day…you get up, get ready and go to work. Lunchtime rolls around and you socialize with co-workers and then head back to the office until the end of the workday. Evenings are filled with family or various social events. You say, “it’s crazy busy,” when friends ask how you’re doing. Now, imagine life without all those activities. Your friends have all passed away. The traditions and way of life you were used to isn’t relevant anymore. Family are crazy busy with other people and, when they do come around, they lecture you about all the things you can’t or shouldn’t do. Hardest of all, your significant other is no longer living. Your senior may be facing similar circumstances on a regular basis. Getting older means facing loss. Wouldn’t you be depressed or lethargic about life if you were him or her?

Thus, having empathy when interacting with your senior will go a long way in improving your relationship. Simply pretending that life is “all good” and that your loved one just needs to “focus on the positive” won’t be an encouragement. Empathy will also help you in working with your senior’s caregiver in more effectively combating signs of boredom. When talking with medical professionals or caregivers, it’s important to understand that the terms “depression,” “grief,” “suicidal” etc each have different definitions and require different care. In addition, you’ll want to consider that your Belmont senior may be taking medications that affect his or her mental well-being.

On top of everything else, if your senior suffers from diabetes, he or she may struggle with discouragement about limited food options. This is a valid problem, but thankfully not unsolvable. A NuevaCare diabetes care aide can work to provide healthy meals that meet your Belmont senior’s dietary needs.

Overall, the more you try to put yourself in the “shoes” of your loved one, the better you’ll know his or her needs. A diabetes care or home care caregiver can be a vital part of this process.


Understanding boredom in Belmont seniors receiving diabetes care
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