Cancer care support for your Burlingame senior

Undergoing chemotherapy can be a very daunting task. If you or your Burlingame loved one is a senior, it can be even more scary. Thankfully, you don’t have to face the trauma of cancer alone. NuevaCare’s Burlingame cancer care caregivers can help provide the vital support and encouragement you and your senior need.

Chemotherapy takes a very real physical toll on the ones receiving treatment. Nausea and depression will likely be side effects your senior will face. Below are some ways cancer care aides can help.

Cancer care tips for seniors facing chemotherapy

Cancer care tips for Burlingame seniors

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  • Your NuevaCare caregiver can help seniors with nausea by shopping for and preparing healthy snacks to be eaten in small portions throughout the day. Nausea comes and goes, so having foods like nuts, dried fruit and veggies such as carrots or broccoli can provide quick nutrition when your senior feels better. A caregiver can also assist with creative ideas for keeping food down, such eating puréed meals or eating foods like mashed potatoes or Jello. Ginger-flavored foods or beverages can help calm an upset stomach.
  • It’s very important for your senior to stay hydrated even during bouts of nausea. Chilled mint or ginger tea and lots of water will help. Sucking on hard candies like peppermint may provide your Burlingame senior with temporary relief from thirst and nausea as well.
  • Depression is common when dealing with the difficulties of cancer and chemotherapy. Cancer care support can provide some of the encouragement your senior needs. NuevaCare caregivers can offer a listening ear, help your senior get exercise outside in the sunshine and even take him or her to a support group for cancer patients if there’s one available and he or she wants to attend.
  • Your senior probably will be struggling with his or her declining appearance due to age anyway, so the added strain of cancer and hair loss could be a contributing factor in depression due to chemotherapy. Cancer care caregivers can help your senior feel beautiful by assisting with makeup, helping seniors find a wig or even paint her nails as an extra treat.

At all times (and especially during the trauma of chemotherapy), it’s important for your senior to feel valuable and to be treated with love and dignity. NuevaCare’s cancer care team is ready and able to step in and help you and your Burlingame senior carry the weight of dealing with cancer.

Cancer care support for your Burlingame senior
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