Caregiver tips to help San Carlos seniors beat the summer heat

Ah, the joys of summertime. Kids are out of school and have more time to spend with Grandpa and Grandma. There’s plenty of adventures to be had together…from swimming in the pool to riding bikes and more! Most know that young children need careful attention to keep them from overheating. But seniors such as those in San Carlos are also very susceptible to summer heat exhaustion or even heat stroke. A trained caregiver can help your senior be more aware of potential health concerns in the summer.

Caregiver advice for San Carlos seniors

Caregiver tips to help San Carlos seniors beat the summer heat

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It’s a fact…age affects the body. One result of the aging process is that your senior won’t sweat in the same way as before. This can be nice, but it also means that his or her internal body temperature will have a harder time self-regulating (sweating cools the body). Dehydration is a serious concern, especially in the summer heat. A NuevaCare caregiver can help by preparing hydrating snacks like low-sugar popsicles or by cutting up chilled fruits such as watermelon or cantaloupe for quick consumption. Veggies are good too…cucumbers and tomatoes are high in water content and a caregiver can make a nutritious salad for your San Carlos senior with these vegetables.

Of course, water or citrus-flavored water, juice, herbal tea etc are essential. Stay away from caffeine and alcohol as they can make dehydration worse. Dehydration can also cause dizziness, which is especially problematic for seniors, as they are susceptible to bone breakage and may have trouble getting up after a fall.

Even when the San Carlos temperatures aren’t all that hot, it’s important that your senior is dressed properly to handle the weather. Choosing caregiver support for your loved one can help ensure that he or she gets the necessary assistance in dressing properly for the occasion. NuevaCare caregivers offer grooming and dressing care and will see that your senior is dressed in light-colored clothing (preferably cotton or another breathable fabric) and is wearing lots of sunscreen and a good, wide-brimmed hat.

Finally, encourage your senior to simply avoid being outside during the hot months of summer, especially during the afternoon and early-evening hours when the sun is highest. A San Carlos caregiver can run errands and prepare meals to reduce unnecessary outings. If your loved one is feeling lonely, caregivers from NuevaCare are glad to provide companionship by playing games or talking. A caregiver can also check to make sure your senior’s air conditioner and fans are working and alert a maintenance worker if an electrical outage or other breakage occurs.


Caregiver tips to help San Carlos seniors beat the summer heat
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