Fall and Falling: San Mateo Caregiver Fall Prevention Tactics

Fall is just around the corner…and what a beautiful time of year it is! The weather (hopefully) starts to get a little bit cooler and all the new programs and back-to-school activities begin. But for seniors, the word “fall” has a more serious implication. Those in the know, like a caregiver, are aware that falling is a serious health threat and problem for San Mateo seniors.

Work with a San Mateo Caregiver to Prevent Falls

Fall and Falling: San Mateo Caregiver Fall Prevention Tactics

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There are a number of simple ways you and your senior’s caregiver can make home a safer place to live. One way is to make sure that all areas of the home are well-lit so that your senior won’t accidentally trip on an uneven surface or fall over an unseen object on the floor.

It’s a good idea to reduce or eliminate the need for your senior to climb stairs. Inside the home, consider remodeling if needed or even just moving a bed and nightstand down to the front room or someplace on the first floor. Outside, if accessing the home involves climbing stairs, make sure to install a ramp with railing so that your senior can use a walker or wheelchair if needed to get to the front door.

Another threat for fall-prone seniors is getting in and out of a vehicle. San Mateo’s NuevaCare offers transportation services where a caregiver can pick up your senior and take him or her to doctor appointments or to get groceries. This can greatly ease worry and stress on the part of family members who don’t want their aging parent to fall in a parking lot somewhere with limited access to help.

Railing, bars, banister…however it’s called, your senior’s caregiver knows that adding something around the home for your senior to grab onto can greatly help to prevent falls. Railing is especially needed in areas where your loved one will be standing up or sitting down, like in the bathroom, living room, dining room and bedroom.

Encourage your senior to have reasonable expectations of him- or herself and to get help from a caregiver even if it’s not wanted. Assistance with meal preparation or with bathing can help prevent falls as well. Anyway, as your senior continues to age, you should consider having a San Mateo caregiver from NuevaCare assess your home for possible fall danger zones.


Fall and Falling: San Mateo Caregiver Fall Prevention Tactics
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