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Cancer Care and Emergency Weather Conditions: Tips for San Mateo Seniors

Cancer Care and Emergency Weather Conditions: Tips for San Mateo Seniors

With all the fires, hurricanes and earthquakes happening around the country, it’s a good time to make sure your San Mateo loved ones have the supplies needed and all possible preparations taken care of in case of an emergency weather or disaster situation. And for vulnerable members of society, like seniors receiving cancer care, this is especially important. Below are some tips for working with your senior’s caregiver to make sure all is in readiness…just in case.

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Cancer Questions your San Mateo Caregiver may ask

When diagnosed with any disease, the first response is often fear, followed by a plethora of questions. Cancer questions for a doctor or potential caregiver are very helpful in easing that fear and providing a sense of "control" or understanding of the situation during a difficult time. While you undoubtably have many cancer questions for a caregiver, the caregiver will likely have some important questions to ask you. A big part of cancer care is understanding the specific need(s) surrounding the patient that is being cared for. Below are some types of questions you may hear in an interview. [caption id="attachment_6141" align="alignright" width="300"] Pauley. Stock photo. Posed by model.[/caption] Cancer Questions from your Caregiver What type of cancer has your loved one been diagnosed with? This...