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Cancer Care in San Mateo CA

Cancer Care

Cancer Questions your San Mateo Caregiver may ask

When diagnosed with any disease, the first response is often fear, followed by a plethora of questions. Cancer questions for a doctor or potential caregiver are very helpful in easing that fear and providing a sense of "control" or understanding of the situation during a difficult time. While you undoubtably have many cancer questions for a caregiver, the caregiver will likely have some important questions to ask you. A big part of cancer care is understanding the specific need(s) surrounding the patient that is being cared for. Below are some types of questions you may hear in an interview. [caption id="attachment_6141" align="alignright" width="300"] FreeImages.com/Crissy Pauley. Stock photo. Posed by model.[/caption] Cancer Questions from your Caregiver What type of cancer has your loved one been diagnosed with? This...