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Driving Miss Daisy: Home Care Services for your Woodside Senior

Driving Miss Daisy: Home Care Services for your Woodside Senior

The movie, “Driving Miss Daisy,” well documents the difficulties of old age as it relates to driving. As Americans, we love our vehicles and the freedom and independence it gives. Without a car, one can’t experience life…at least it can feel that way. At NuevaCare, we want to help your Woodside senior have the independence he or she craves while still ensuring his or her safety. Our home care services, such as assisting your senior with transportation needs, can achieve this goal.

Home Care Services in Woodside, CA

Home Care Services in San Mateo, CA: Feeling Secure Through Routine

Feeling loved and secure are basic human needs. Elderly people may have so many changes happening in their lives that they start to lose their sense of security. With all the other losses they are experiencing, losing their security on top of that may prove more than they can bear. As an in home care provider, you may find that your senior is feeling anxious. Anxiety is the opposite of security. What may cause the elderly senior to feel insecure? Loss of health Loss of mobility Loss of friends and family Loss of independence What are some ways you can increase someone’s feeling of security? Tell them in words and show them in actions that you love them and care about them. Always be there to be a good listener. Even if it’s...