Dementia Care and Long-Distance Caregiving for Hillsborough Seniors

It’s SO hard living far away from loved ones. You want to eat meals together, to have the same laughs, to be in the same house again…sharing togetherness. Nothing can quite replace the physical presence of being with a dearly-loved aging parent, but NuevaCare’s dementia care team wants to help ease the pain of loneliness for your Hillsborough senior.

Dealing with the difficulties of long-distance dementia care for Hillsborough seniors

Dementia Care and Long-Distance Caregiving for Hillsborough Seniors

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He kissed her cheek and then she knew that you could become homesick for people too. – Beau Taplin || H o m e s i c k

You grow up, leave your Hillsborough home for college, get married and move to another city or state. It’s exciting, but also can have relational challenges…especially as your parent or parents age. And if your loved one gets Alzheimer’s or needs dementia care, the difficulties can compound. Who’s going to pay the bills? What if my parent falls? Does he or she have daily meals and take the necessary medications? All of these are important concerns. Thankfully, technology can ease some of these.

  • Online bill pay – It’s easy to take care of the finances online (even from far away!) and certainly would take a big burden off your Hillsborough senior’s shoulders. If your senior needs dementia care, it’s even more important that you or a trusted family member are given the capability to handle paying the bills.
  • Phone calls – Don’t underestimate the power of a brief phone call / FaceTime chat / text message. “I’m thinking of you and love you” speaks volumes! If you have grandkids, put them on so they can hear their grandparent’s voice and vice versa.
  • Inside or outside monitoring – You can install many different types of cameras / sensors / alarm systems in and outside the home to check in on your Hillsborough senior remotely. If there’s a break-in (heaven forbid!) or you’re just worrying about your senior, you’ll be able to check in quickly and see if there’s any reason to follow-up with a phone call or by having someone physically visit the home.
  • Hire a professional caregiver – NuevaCare offers a Family Room service for long-distance caregiving that will enable you to pay bills and keep tabs on the dementia care or other services your senior’s caregiver is providing. Meal preparation, transportation assistance, bathing / grooming are all options. Best of all, a caregiver can supplement the care you can’t provide from far away and provide assurance that all is well at home. If your senior is feeling lonely, NuevaCare aides can come to play games, read books or just talk with your loved one.


Dementia Care and Long-Distance Caregiving for Hillsborough Seniors
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