Christmas with dementia care: Celebrating traditions in Woodside

More than any other, the holiday season is steeped in tradition and celebration. It’s a time of year when the same songs can be heard on the radio, in stores around the country and in Woodside homes too. For seniors receiving dementia care, though, it can be bittersweet if special traditions are forgotten or not carried on to the next generation.

Keeping the holidays alive for Woodside seniors receiving dementia care

Christmas with dementia care: Celebrating traditions in Woodside

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What’s your favorite holiday tradition? Every family celebrates the season differently. Or, more importantly, what’s your Woodside senior’s favorite Christmas tradition? Take some time to reminisce with your loved one receiving dementia care about seasons past and jot those memories down so if they aren’t remembered later, at least they will be preserved for future generations. Here’s some other activities your family and your senior can all enjoy together.

  • Go see the holiday lights around Woodside – Bundle everyone up in blankets and enjoy a night driving around town to see the Christmas lights. It’s an activity that doesn’t take lots of physical exercise, so is a perfect one for including your senior. Don’t forget to get some hot chocolate afterwards!
  • Read the Christmas story or a favorite book – Gather the whole family (including your loved one receiving dementia care) around the tree and have someone read from a special book. Some ideas include the ‘Twas the Night Before Christmas poem, O. Henry’s “The Gift of the Magi,” “The Best Christmas Pageant Ever” or Hans Christian Andersen’s “The Little Match Girl”. You could even have your Woodside senior read it aloud! For an added bonus, video record the storytime and send a CD or the file to family for a cherished gift.
  • Go to the movie theater or watch a movie – A favorite pastime for many at Christmas is going to a new release at the theater. Why don’t you take your Woodside senior receiving dementia care this year?! Or, if it’s better for your senior to stay at home, do a special screening of a classic flick at his or her home. Ask your senior’s NuevaCare caregiver to go grocery shopping beforehand to get fun snack foods like popcorn, a cheese ball and crackers, little smokies, boxes of candy and more!
  • Sing holiday songs – Gather the family to sing together! You and your senior could sing special hymns, do a karaoke night and get the young people involved or even have a sing-a-long to a movie classic like “The Sound of Music.”


Christmas with dementia care: Celebrating traditions in Woodside
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