Diabetes Care tips for traveling with Los Altos seniors

It’s summer, which means that you’ve probably either been on a family vacation or are planning one! Traveling offers new, exciting experiences and is usually greatly anticipated by all. If you’re traveling with your Los Altos senior and he or she is receiving diabetes care, you’ll want to use the packing tips below to ensure the best care for your loved one.

Packing tips & preparing to travel with Los Altos seniors receiving diabetes care

Diabetes Care tips for traveling with Los Altos seniors

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  • Talk with your senior’s doctor and diabetes care aide(s) before leaving. They should be informed about where your senior is going and how long you will be gone. In addition, make sure to ask them for advice on how to prepare your senior for being away from home. Your loved one will face new, potentially disorienting spaces as well as the added challenge of irregular eating situations. NuevaCare’s diabetes care team can assist your Los Altos senior by picking up all necessary prescribed medications as well as any additional supplies the doctor recommends for traveling and diabetes, such as ice packs for cooling insulin despite unknown temperatures. Always make sure that you travel with more supplies than you think your senior may need.
  • Make sure that glucose and all diabetes care supplies are next to or within quick reach of your senior at all times. If you are going via airplane, put all the supplies in a carry-on and alert attendants, TSA personnel etc about your loved one’s diabetes needs. If you travel via car or another method of transportation, have a diabetes care aide purchase a lightweight, durable bag for storing supplies. This bag should be kept under your senior’s seat and carried along on any sightseeing excursions.
    Don’t forget that traveling to another time zone can affect an insulin schedule…talk to your senior’s doctor and caregiver about this for assistance.
  • It’s a good idea to plan out beforehand how much walking you think you’ll be doing on a day-to-day basis. Your senior will appreciate and enjoy the day better at a more relaxing pace. If you have to walk a lot, definitely consider bringing or purchasing a wheelchair for use on the vacation. Don’t forget that exercise can affect your senior’s glucose levels, so keep those diabetes supplies handy. Mealtimes will take extra consideration as well. Your senior’s caregiver can advise on what foods to avoid and what is safe to eat as well as by packing some snacks for emergency eating if nothing else is quickly available.
  • Take proper documentation. Your senior should have doctor’s notes, medical emergency contacts and a list of when and at what dosage all medications should be given. In case you experience an emergency, someone else should be able to read the instructions and know how to assist your senior with his or her immediate glucose, insulin or other medical needs. Your NuevaCare diabetes care aide will know the dosages and medication timing for your senior and can help prepare this list.

All in all, you and your Los Altos senior can have a great time while traveling…if special precautions are taken ahead of time to ensure a smooth trip. Have a wonderful time and bon voyage!


Diabetes Care tips for traveling with Los Altos seniors
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