Gift Ideas for San Carlos Seniors Receiving Diabetes Care

A few weeks ago, we talked about some possible gift-giving ideas for seniors. In a similar vein, this post will offer some additional ideas for your San Carlos loved one. Around the holidays, many people will want to give home-baked goods or holiday cookies. But for those receiving diabetes care and with dietary restrictions, alternative gifts are much appreciated.

What to give the San Carlos senior with everything? Some gift ideas for seniors receiving diabetes care

If your senior’s receiving diabetes care, he or she won’t be able to enjoy the candy canes, chocolate chip cookies or peanut brittle quite the same as others will. True, treats might be able to be enjoyed in moderation, but it’s still not the same.

One possible alternate gift for the San Carlos loved one in your life is to give him or her a pet! The pet could be a small dog or cat or even one a little different, such as a turtle, hamster, lizard, bird or fish. Your senior’s diabetes care provider can go shopping and get all the food and care supplies needed for the new pet as well as go grocery shopping for your senior’s food. The NuevaCare caregiver can even go with your senior to the pet store to select the pet if desired!

Or, if a pet is too much work, consider getting your senior a houseplant. This gives your San Carlos senior something to water and care for without the hassle of house-training a dog / cat or cleaning out a cage.

Sewing, craft projects or other handiwork like wood carving are other possible gift ideas. As a senior, your loved one probably finds him- or herself with a lot of free time. Projects that can take the mind off the clock without being physically exhausting are perfect. Diabetes care providers like those at NuevaCare can provide companionship and even work on these projects with your San Carlos senior!

Warm or soft, easy-to-wear clothing is always a wonderful gift idea. Your senior’s diabetes care provider will appreciate clothing that’s conducive for easy bathing or other grooming as needed. And your Mom or Dad will love looking great!

Finally, a possible gift idea for your San Carlos senior is to get him or her some DVDs or an electronic device. Be careful with this, as many seniors may not understand how to use the electronics after they are given. Make sure to take time to explain the device’s usage or even ask your senior beforehand if he or she would like it as a gift.

Have fun with your loved ones this Christmas! And feel free to contact NuevaCare if you are feeling overwhelmed with everything this season and need some assistance in providing quality diabetes care to your senior.

Gift Ideas for San Carlos Seniors Receiving Diabetes Care
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