Alzheimers care in San Carlos: Helping seniors with hoarding problems

Here’s the ugly truth behind hoarding…it affects a person’s mental, emotional and physical well-being and can even ruin family relationships. Hoarders can cause serious physical harm to themselves because they make it hard to function normal, healthy lives. Thus, it’s important to be aware of any tendencies your San Carlos senior may have towards hoarding, especially if he or she has Alzheimer’s and will need Alzheimers care assistance.

Collecting gone crazy: Hoarding and Alzheimers care help in San Carlos

Alzheimers care in San Carlos: Helping seniors with hoarding problems

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Is hoarding genetic? Yes, hoarding can run in the family. If your San Carlos senior has a hoarding problem, you should be aware of indicators in family members, including yourself!1 These indicators include an unwillingness to get rid of items and keeping things that have little value.

Hoarders also live in unsanitary conditions because they don’t clean up after themselves and may have stale / spoiled food. Even more simply, elderly hoarders put themselves in danger of falling by not keeping things picked up.

Seniors with Alzheimers care needs may struggle with hoarding because their natural tendencies are made worse by memory loss. Seniors with Alzheimer’s Disease also may keep items from the past because it gives them a connection they want to remember.2

Caregivers can help with meal prep, grocery shopping and more!

Thankfully, you can seek help for your San Carlos senior with a hoarding problem. NuevaCare’s Alzheimers care providers shouldn’t replace the help of an organizer or someone who specifically works with patients who have hoarding problems. However, NuevaCare’s team can assist seniors who have gotten help and have had their home cleaned up by providing meal preparation and grocery shopping assistance.

In addition, caregivers are around seniors on a weekly (or otherwise often) basis, so they will develop trust with them. Trust is a key factor to victory over hoarding for seniors receiving Alzheimers care. Caregivers can talk with seniors about items as they get new ones and show them why it’s important to get rid of unneeded items. It’s important for seniors to feel like they have a sense of control over the situation during this process.

There is hope for those who hoard! Don’t give up in seeking the best for your San Carlos senior and in ensuring his or her overall health and well-being.

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Alzheimers care in San Carlos: Helping seniors with hoarding problems
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