Home care solutions for San Mateo: Comparing live in care and 24 / 7 care

One of the biggest benefits of living at home is the freedom it offers. There’s just something comforting about the joys of your favorite chair, the familiar sounds of creaking floorboards and the color of your bedroom wall. But what if life at home becomes hard to maintain? For San Mateo seniors, this can be a real challenge. Thankfully, a variety of home care options are available, including live in care and 24 / 7 care!

Home care solutions for San Mateo seniors with limited mobility

NuevaCare’s caregivers offer San Mateo seniors the ability to live at home even while facing the oncoming challenges that come with age. Home care is a very personalized affair and can be tailored to your senior’s specific needs. But what exactly is the difference between live in care and 24 / 7 care? They both sound alike, don’t they?! Below is a comparison.

Live in care is for San Mateo seniors who would benefit most from the familiarity of the same few caregivers. This home care option is where a caregiver would live in your senior’s home for several days out of the week. The caregiver would eat and sleep at your loved one’s house with a few hours for his or her own personal time each day. There’s less turnover in a week’s time between home care providers, which means that seniors get a better chance to develop a friendship with those caregivers. The detriment to this option is that eyes aren’t on your senior 24 hours a day, so if your senior can’t get out of bed for the bathroom at night or gets disoriented and / or upset when waking overnight, then this might not be the right answer.

24 / 7 care is for San Mateo seniors who need around-the-clock attention. This home care solution means that your senior will see two or more caregivers in a day, since the caregivers will rotate in shifts. Fresh eyes and hands will always be available to attend to your senior’s needs. However, 24 / 7 care will usually cost more than live in care. In addition, seniors will face somewhat of a “rotating door” with caregivers and will have less likelihood to develop close relationships with the caregivers than with live in care.

Either way, your San Mateo senior will benefit from the care he or she needs…all while in the comfort of home. Talk to NuevaCare today to see about scheduling a time to learn more about our home care solutions!


Home care solutions for San Mateo: Comparing live in care and 24 / 7 care
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