Disability care needs and good hygiene for Millbrae seniors

Personal hygiene is a blessing we often under-appreciate here in California and in Millbrae. As busy Americans, we rush through the routine of taking a shower, brushing our teeth, getting dressed and grabbing a quick breakfast without even thinking twice about it. But what if you had a hard time standing up or holding items in your hands? For seniors with disability care needs, the reality of a hot shower just might be a luxury. But it doesn’t have to be!

Making life easier for Millbrae seniors: Disability care providers can help

Disability care needs and good hygiene for Millbrae seniors

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NuevaCare’s team of Millbrae caregivers can make a big difference in the life of your senior! We can help your loved one to feel better about him- or herself by reducing the risks for falling or injury in the bathroom and increasing the personal care and grooming your senior gets.

Our disability care providers can help your aging parent to feel beautiful and involved in the local Millbrae community! A NuevaCare professional can assist with giving a hot bath, getting your senior dressed up and in applying makeup and brushing hair. Then your senior can enjoy a day on the town with family or to a special event at a senior center (NuevaCare offers transportation help as well!).

According to statistics mentioned on a CDC website page, did you know that more than twenty-five percent of seniors (ages 65+) fall each year and that twenty percent of falls can cause serious problems for seniors “such as broken bones or a head injury”?1 Yes, falling is a very serious problem for all seniors…but even more so for those with specific disability care needs. That’s why it’s important that seniors get the help they need when they are most vulnerable.

You probably wouldn’t even think about it at first, but even steam after a hot bath can cause problems by fogging up eyeglasses and creating situations with limited visibility. Our disability care providers understand the potential dangers caused by a walker or wheelchair, bathwater and slippery surfaces and heated curling irons and can assist in completing tasks that have become difficult for your Millbrae senior.

Good hygiene can directly affect mood…if your senior starts to smell bad from inadequate bathing or failure to apply deodorant, other people and family members won’t want to spend time around him or her. This can make your senior feel lonely and depressed, which will decrease his or her quality of life even more. It’s a vicious circle. Give NuevaCare a call today so we can help your senior feel good and enjoy life even more!


Disability care needs and good hygiene for Millbrae seniors
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