Tips for Foster City Seniors & Dealing with Loneliness

Meeting new people and connecting with old friends can be tough at any stage of life, but especially for the elderly. Decreased mobility, lack of energy and loss of friends or a spouse due to death are only a few of the reasons an elderly person in Foster City might feel lonely. In addition to this, what if family members of the aforementioned elderly person live in another state or even country? Even more isolation and feelings of alienation ensue.

Companionship for Lonely Seniors in Foster City

Foster City Seniors, Loneliness

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NuevaCare home care professionals seek to ease the feelings of loneliness your loved one likely is feeling, especially since he or she is living alone. Our companionship services are more than just a job. Our team seeks to develop relationships with your senior and help him or her with connecting to other people in a meaningful way.

We can help your loved one connect with his or her community by helping to schedule events that your senior can attend with other seniors in Foster City. This can be the highlight of the week for your loved one! He or she will be able to “dress up” and get out to visit with other peers.

Other services include helping your loved one get some exercise out in the sunshine and in encouraging conversation and mental stimulation.

Tips for Loneliness

If your senior is dealing with feelings of loneliness or isolation, here are a few possible tips:

  • If health permits him or her, encourage your loved one to volunteer at a local hospital, charity or animal shelter. There’s nothing like feeling useful by doing good for someone else AND getting to be around other people!
  • If your senior’s health is more limited, provide projects that he or she can work on at home…such as knitting, crocheting or putting together kits of some sort that could be sent or given to benefit others.
  • Give your loved one a dog, cat or fish to love on! Even a lizard or other small reptile (if it behaves 🙂 could be a potential pet.

To learn more about how NuevaCare can help your family to face concerns about falling with the help of a professional caregiver, simply give us a call at 650-769-4299 or submit the form to the right. While our home care office is in San Mateo, we service Bay Area clients from San Francisco to Redwood City and beyond. A highly trained professional from our office will contact you immediately to discuss your specific needs and to set up an free in home assessment.

Tips for Foster City Seniors & Dealing with Loneliness
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