Dementia care and building financial trust with Los Altos seniors

If you’re a parent, you know your children at their best and their worst. You’ve listened to tearful stories, rejoiced in happy moments and worried, worried, worried. But just because you know your kids doesn’t mean that you trust them…especially with your finances. Your aging parent may feel this way too. Here’s some tips on how to discuss the money topic with Los Altos seniors in need of dementia care assistance.

Los Altos dementia care: Let’s talk money

Dementia care and building financial trust with Los Altos seniors

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As your Los Altos loved one ages, it’s important for him or her to get relevant financial details out on the table so that trusted family members can best assess how to provide or seek provisions for dementia care or other care needs. The problem, however, is that seniors may not trust their kids or want to give them the power to make financial decisions for them. After all, your senior may be struggling with limited mobility issues or in need of medication reminders just to get through the day. Loss of financial control might seem like the last straw, so to speak, for your senior. Here’s a few tips to help in combating this:

  • Get everyone together – Have an all-family meeting with your Los Altos senior and all his or her kids. Make sure everyone understands the costs of dementia care and any doctor’s bills, medications and other miscellaneous needs.
  • Involve a third party – Family tensions can easily run high and, when money is involved, stress levels can escalate even more. If you or your siblings live far from the Los Altos area, it can become a power struggle between kids who actually interact with your aging parent on a regular basis and those who don’t. NuevaCare’s team can help you bridge distance and communication struggles with Family Room technology that allows you to track what’s going on with your senior’s caregivers and the dementia care assistance being provided.
  • Seek legal advice – Make sure that your senior’s will, medical documentation and any other necessary provisions have been taken care of.
  • Spend time with your senior – One way you can show yourself to be trustworthy to a parent is by spending time with him or her. If you truly care for your senior, it will come out in your actions and in your consistent efforts to invest in someone who gave the best of his or her life for you. If you’re faking attentions to just get money, this will become evident.
  • Live your life well – Your life and the way you handle your own family’s finances will speak volumes about your work ethic and trustworthiness. Make wise decisions and your “actions will speak louder than words.”


Dementia care and building financial trust with Los Altos seniors
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