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Could proper dementia care improve life for your Millbrae senior?

If you lost something valuable and found out that you might be able to get it back, wouldn’t you go to great lengths to see if you could indeed retrieve the lost item? It would be pretty amazing, huh?! If your Millbrae senior is showing signs of dementia, proper dementia care may be able to help!

Dementia isn’t as much of a disease as it is a term to describe a bunch of similar symptoms. Incurable diseases such as Alzheimer’s fall under the broader umbrella of dementia, but treatable and potentially curable forms of dementia also exist. It’s VERY important that your loved one get fully checked out by a doctor to determine exactly what he or she is dealing with. Once the diagnosis is in, you and your Millbrae senior can deal with the repercussions. NuevaCare’s dementia care caregivers can offer the support you need to give your senior the quality of life he or she deserves.

Can dementia be treatable or reversible? Some arguments for good dementia care for Millbrae seniors…

Could proper dementia care improve life for your Millbrae senior?

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As mentioned, not all forms of dementia are treatable, but some causes can be minimized or removed with proper care.

Did you know that dementia symptoms can be caused by an improper diet? For seniors, meal preparation can be particularly difficult, as a lack of energy, inability to stand for long periods of time and a decreased sense of taste can all contribute to improper nutrition. Thankfully, good dementia care is available to take care of this problem! NuevaCare’s caregivers are glad to serve your senior by preparing healthy meals that can give him or her the balanced, nutritious diet needed. NuevaCare also can help with grocery shopping and by driving your senior to and from doctor visits.

Treatable causes of dementia may also include taking medications that adversely interact with each other. Your senior’s physician will need to be involved in this process. However, caregivers specialized in dementia care can play an important part in offering medication reminders so that your senior takes his or her pills with or without food as needed and at the right time of day.

Other causes of dementia that can be managed or treated include dementia caused by an infection, stress, too much alcohol or even cases of poisoning. Regardless of the cause, your Millbrae senior will appreciate the attention and tender care of a dementia care provider.

Could proper dementia care improve life for your Millbrae senior?
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