Let’s Make a Difference! Millbrae Seniors, Disability Care and Volunteering

Will I make a difference in the world? What’s my purpose for being here? Will people remember me after I’m gone? These are important questions that everyone contemplates at some point in life. Some seniors may want to coast when they reach the “golden years.” Others, including those receiving disability care, may want to continue to give back to the Millbrae community, but may not know how…especially with limited mobility and resources. Here’s some ideas…

Millbrae seniors receiving disability care can make an impact in the community

Let us Make a Difference! Millbrae Seniors, Disability Care and Volunteering

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Millbrae seniors can make a big difference in the lives of the people around them. One benefit your senior receiving disability care has is that of time…a valuable gift, indeed! If your loved one is interested, a NuevaCare caregiver can work with your senior to find some volunteer opportunities. This will probably even improve your senior’s mood, as he or she feels needed by others and is able to contribute to the well-being of others in a tangible way.

Some possible ideas:

  • Knitting, sewing or crocheting – Handicrafts are a perfect way for seniors to get involved in volunteering as they can be completed even with limited mobility, can be done while watching television and are easy to bring along or carry from place to place. A hand-knitted scarf for a family member or baby booties for preemie babies in the hospital are just a few of the options for gifting these special keepsakes.
  • Writing notes of encouragement – Seniors possess an immense amount of wisdom gleaned from years of experience. Another way that seniors receiving disability care can help others is by writing notes of wisdom and encouragement for those in the military or to those hospitalized for various reasons. If your senior is religious, he or she could write notes to other members of the church.
  • Taking care of a pet – This may be a little more difficult, but your senior could offer to care for a small pet while family or friends are out of town. Make sure that any caregivers are aware of this, so coordination is seamless and unexpected challenges are minimized.
  • Listening – Your Millbrae senior can encourage others by giving the gift of a listening ear. A NuevaCare caregiver can provide transportation assistance to get your senior to locations such as a non-profit, local hospital etc
  • LibriVox – If your senior receiving disability care likes to talk, he or she should contribute to an online audio recording site like LibriVox.
  • Helping at a local food bank – A NuevaCare caregiver can do grocery shopping and help your senior deliver the items to a local food bank. Or, your senior could potentially provide other volunteer services such as clerical work etc.
  • Political campaigns – Millbrae seniors interested in political matters could assist with a local campaign by answering phones, riding in a parade etc.
Let’s Make a Difference! Millbrae Seniors, Disability Care and Volunteering
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