What is “Aging in Place”?

The world of elder care is filled with terminology that may be unfamiliar and confusing. If you have made the decision to become an elderly care provider for your aging loved one, or are searching or the appropriate elder care option for your loved one, it is important that you understand the most common elder care terms so that you can use them in making educated, confident decisions regarding the ongoing care and well-being of your senior. One of the most common elder care terms used in today's industry is "Aging in Place". This is generally used to describe a push towards home care that allows a senior to remain in her own home, or in the home of a loved one, while receiving elder care....


Summer Heat and Warning Signs of Heat Stroke

With the summer months and rising temperatures upon us, it’s critically important that we monitor our loved ones. According to the CDC, heat stroke is the most serious concern for seniors during the summer months.[1] When we’re young, our bodies are able to process rapid changes in temperature. However, as we age it becomes more difficult for us to adjust to swings in heat and cold. This effect can be exacerbated by medications and medical conditions. Heat strokes occur when the body’s temperature increases dramatically. During a heat stroke, the core temperature of the body goes from a normal 98.6F to 104F and as high as 106F in just ten to fifteen minutes. Once the body temperature crosses to 104F, the individual is considered to be...


Caregivers and Insomnia

The stresses of taking care of someone else can be a heavy weight to carry - physically, mentally and emotionally. Having in home help relieves many of the burdens that caregivers feel, and goes a long way to alleviate the stresses of daily support. Even when caregivers have the kind of support that comes with in home services, those stresses can linger. That’s because caregiving is a deeply personal endeavor and one that people feel incredible sense of responsibility for, even when they’re doing everything right. Insomnia is a serious issue for many caregivers, and is part of a cycle that can be difficult to break. Lack of sleep may seem like no big deal, but it’s connected to higher risks of cancer, heart disease and...


How Senior Home Care Services Can Help If You Are Assisting a Family Member with Dementia

Caring for the needs of a family member with dementia can be difficult and taxing, especially if you are their full-time caregiver. Instead of trying to do everything on your own, you may consider hiring someone who can assist with the care services in your home. There are several ways that a senior home care services agency can help, they can: Oversee basic daily activities, such as bathing and grooming Provide physical and emotional support to assist with changing behaviors Monitor nutrition and help with meal planning for optimal physical health Create opportunities for social interaction, which can be beneficial for mental health Maintain a safe, comfortable environment for your family member Provide activities that can stimulate the mind Offer support to other family members The help with physical activities around the home can...


Simple Tips to Make Life Easier for the Sandwich Generation – by NuevaCare – Home Care San Mateo, CA

The sandwich generation refers to that challenging period during the middle of most people’s life when they suddenly need to care for their elderly parents’ wellbeing while they are still caring for their own children’s wellbeing. This generation is sandwiched between both time-consuming responsibilities, while still needing to find enough time to manage their personal careers and other household responsibilities. Here are a few simple tips to make it easier for the sandwich generation to manage double duty: 1.     Don’t try to do it all yourself One of the biggest mistakes the sandwich generation makes is trying to handle all of their kids’ needs and their parents’ needs without any outside help. There is nothing wrong with asking your spouse, siblings, and other family members to handle a portion of...

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Home Care Options for Patients with Parkinson’s – by NuevaCare – Home Care San Mateo, CA

If you or a loved one has Parkinson’s disease, you already know how challenging it can be to perform daily tasks without accidents or injuries. Many people with Parkinson’s disease eventually realize that they need reliable and experienced home care to maintain their same quality of life. Having a helpful set of hands around the house is incredibly beneficial to the patient and his or her loved ones, especially as the disease progresses. The Progression of Parkinson’s Most individuals that are diagnosed with Parkinson’s will live long and productive lives if they receive proper treatment and home care. Parkinson’s usually starts off slowly with stiffness, impaired balance, mild tremors, and reduced motor function. The patient’s control over muscle function and fine motor skills will deteriorate as the disease progresses....


How to Select the Best Home Care Provider in San Mateo CA

Entrusting someone with the care of your loved one is a tough decision to make. It is difficult to accept the fact that your loved one requires more care than you can possibly provide, but it is even more challenging to select a reputable home care provider to manage the responsibility on your behalf. If you need to select a home care agency in San Mateo for someone you love, make sure to evaluate all of your options before making a decision. Here are a few more helpful tips on how to select the best home care provider: 1.  Ask People You Know Almost every family has had to make the same difficult decision at some point in their life. Start your home care selection process by asking...

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5 Warning Signs of a Stroke – by NuevaCare – Home Care San Mateo, CA

These nerve cells are called neurons and they depend on the blood vessels in your brain for nutrients and oxygen. How a Stroke Affects Your Brain A stroke cuts off the supply of oxygen and the rupture of blood vessels or interruption of blood flow kills the neurons in the affected area. Neurons are unable to repair or duplicate themselves once they have been destroyed. The longer the blood flow is interrupted means the more permanent damage that is done to your neurons. Professional home care is usually necessary if someone survives a stroke, but they weren’t able to get to the hospital fast enough. It can even lead to permanent debilitation or death if it is not recognized immediately. These are the five warning signs of a...


Understanding and Dealing with Alzheimer’s Patients – by NuevaCare – Home Care San Mateo, CA

Alzheimer’s is a scary and heartbreaking disease that affects millions of people. Although it is quite common, Alzheimer’s is not a normal part of the aging process. It is important to take it seriously and not ignore any early symptoms that someone may have Alzheimer’s. It will most likely get worse as it progresses, and an early diagnosis and treatment can be beneficial to the patient. Treating Alzheimer’s There is currently no cure for Alzheimer’s, but there are ways to make it more bearable for the patient and the caregiver. Early diagnosis, treatment options, and intervention methods have improved dramatically in the past decade. Finding the right sources of support can improve quality of life for the Alzheimer’s patient and their loved ones. Early Symptoms of Alzheimer’s      One...

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How to Care for a Loved One with Dementia – by NuevaCare – Home Care San Mateo, CA

The person who is suffering from dementia feels vulnerable and frustrated because they no longer feel like they are in full control of their mind. It is also quite challenging for the caregiver to watch someone who they love suffer through it. Although there will always be difficult moments when you care for a loved one with dementia, there are ways to make it easier for both the patient and the caregiver. If you are unable to provide the constant care dementia patients need, please consider investing in a reputable home care provider in San Mateo. Professional home care providers will ensure your loved one has the best care possible. Here are a few practical tips on caring for a loved one with dementia: 1.  Practice Patience Dementia...