NuevaCare Announces Upgrades to San Mateo Home Care Information Page

San Mateo, California – February 28, 2017. NuevaCare, a leading home care agency based in San Mateo, California, but serving Bay Area cities as diverse as Millbrae, Belmont, and Palo Alto, is proud to announce an important upgrade to its geographic information pages, starting with its page on San Mateo. Many Bay Area consumers look for home care close to home, and by having city-specific pages, NuevaCare is answering that information need.

NuevaCare Announces Upgrades to San Mateo Home Care Information Page
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home care san mateo joint health

4 Ways to Support Joint Health for Seniors in San Mateo

Joints go through a LOT during a lifetime. Every movement impacts the joints of the body - little movements like brushing teeth or getting out of bed, and bigger movements like running and picking up children. Joints are essential to getting on with life, and without healthy joints, life can become tremendously challenging for seniors in San Mateo. Keeping joints healthy and with as little pain and stiffness as possible will help your loved one to live a more active and happy life. Joint Health for Seniors in San Mateo The National Institute of Health offers some great resources that can help you to understand the disorders that can pop up when joints become compromised. Proper joint care can help to mitigate a lot of issues, including the following: ...

Burlingame Home Care

Preparing for Home Care – 3 Tips for Burlingame Families

Congratulations on making the decision to begin homecare services in Burlingame! You want to make sure that you’re ready when service begins. There are a few things that you can easily do in order to make the transition easier and to help your loved one to transition with peace of mind. 1. Have a Plan Whether you need a short term level of care or something more permanent and longlasting, you need to have a general idea about what your loved one is going to require from your home care provider. Setting up expectations before getting started will really help to make everything work smoothly. You need to know what kind of care your loved one is going to be getting! Your home care provider should have walked...

family caregiver support

How to Get Family Caregiver Support in Redwood City

Family caregivers often end up taking on more responsibility than they are comfortable with. It's easy to fall into the trap of not getting enough help. Though there may be some support from friends or family members, primary family caregiver support can be a real challenge. Often that family and friend support isn't consistent, and it's the consistency that makes the most positive difference. Photo credit: gwaar via / CC BY Here are four ways that you can find more consistent and better support as a family caregiver in Redwood City. You don't have to be in this alone. Make a list of people who can help Start off by grabbing a pen and a piece of paper and writing down a list of all of the poeple...

emphysema and COPD

Emphysema and COPD Support Suggestions for Seniors in the San Franciso Bay Area

Emphysema is a lung disease that takes our breath away. When the air sacs in the lungs are damaged, either through smoking or exposure to some other negative event, it becomes much harder for the lungs to take in air and exchange it as usual. The difficulty progresses, meaning that it only get worse as time goes by. People with these diseases in the San Francisco Bay Area can be greatly aided with home care support. More than three million people in the United States live with emphysema. Plus there are another eight million who live with chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD).  Without the right kinds of treatment and support, people living with emphysema and COPD find themselves in life threatening situations. The stages of emphysema   Just as...

NuevaCare Announces Updated Belmont Home Care and Caregiver Agency Informational Page

Belmont, California – January 31, 2017. NuevaCare, a leading Bay Area home care agency servicing diverse cities such as San Mateo, Millbrae, Belmont, and environs, is proud to announce an update to its informational page on Belmont home care options. Many residents do not know that NuevaCare services a diverse group of cities such as Belmont, and the new page informs them about the company’s philosophy and service offerings with respect to home care.

NuevaCare Announces Updated Belmont Home Care and Caregiver Agency Informational Page
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NuevaCare, a Leading Home Care Agency Serving San Mateo, Millbrae, Hillsborough & Environs, Announces Discharge Options Checklist

San Mateo, California – January 27, 2017. NuevaCare, a leading Bay Area home care agency servicing San Mateo, Millbrae, Hillsborough and environs, is proud to announce a new ‘Discharge 101’ checklist for patients who may need care services after getting discharged from the hospital.

NuevaCare, a Leading Home Care Agency Serving San Mateo, Millbrae, Hillsborough & Environs, Announces Discharge Options Checklist
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San Mateo, California

Top 10 Fall Prevention Tips from San Francisco Bay Area Professional Caregivers

Preventing falls is a subject that families must take seriously. Falling is a top concern for San Francisco Bay Area families because falls are a leading cause of hospitalization for seniors. Fall prevention matters because falls lead to long term, serious complications and can even be fatal. The biggest key to preventing falls is to think about hazards ahead of time. We've talked to our experienced professional caregivers in the San Francisco Bay Area to find out what they view as the most important steps families can take to prevent falls.  Here are the top ten. Photo credit: daoro via / CC BY 1 - Use non-slip pads in wet areas These stickers adhere to the floor of wet areas like towers and tubs. These are major areas...

caregiver emergency bag

Bay Area Family Caregiver Tip – Packing a Caregiver Bag

You never know when something unexepected might come up when caring for a senior loved one with complex medical needs. Senior medical emergencies are unfortunately an aspect of caregiving that many families are all too familiar with. Bay Area family caregivers can feel a little more confident that you're ready to take on the task of dealing with an emergency if you've got a family caregiver bag packed and ready to go. Because a doctor's visit or hospital stay can sometimes come out of nowhere for seniors. Photo credit: / CC0 How to Pack a Caregiver Emergency Bag The first thing to do is to choose a bag that works for you. Look for something that's sturdy enough to last for a while. Also look for a...

Burlingame Home Care

Hip Fracture Prevention for Burlingame Seniors

A common problem among seniors is hip fracture. Hip fractures affect nine out of ten people over the age of sixty, and are one of the leading causes of hospitalization in America for that age group. The risk of fracturing a hip doubles with each passing year over sixty.  Preventing hip fractures presents an important issue for families who are charged with being caregivers in Burlingame. However it's possible to prevent hip fractures with diligence and attention to detail, and families can prevent a great deal of trouble later with simple steps. Preventing Hip Fractures in Older Adults A major reason that older adults get hip injuries has to do with their lack of coordination. That makes it much easier for them to fall. Prevention starts with...