Cancer Care and Emergency Weather Conditions: Tips for San Mateo Seniors

With all the fires, hurricanes and earthquakes happening around the country, it’s a good time to make sure your San Mateo loved ones have the supplies needed and all possible preparations taken care of in case of an emergency weather or disaster situation. And for vulnerable members of society, like seniors receiving cancer care, this is especially important. Below are some tips for working with your senior’s caregiver to make sure all is in readiness…just in case.

Emergency preparations for San Mateo seniors receiving cancer care help

When disasters happen, the most valuable things to have on hand are the basics…food, water, communication and protection.
Caregivers know that a kit with supplies for disaster scenarios is vital.

  • Food – High energy snacks with protein and vitamins are good. Avoid junk food items and opt for things with a long shelf life, but still have nutritional value for seniors. Possibilities include dried fruit (check the labels for low sugar), unsalted nuts, dried milk, beans / rice and canned goods. Talk to your senior’s cancer care aide for more tailored snack ideas.
  • Water – The more the better. Get cases of bottled water.
  • Communication – This can get tricky in disaster situations, especially if cell phone towers are down or there’s a power outage. Get a NOAA weather radio and a cell phone with battery charger and extra batteries. Create a step-by-step plan for what will happen in an emergency. If you live close to your San Mateo senior, you might want to have him or her come stay with you during the disaster situation. Or, talk to your senior’s caregiver about other available options if your loved one lives far away. Whatever the situation, it’s very important that your senior receiving cancer care has emergency contact information at hand and that a responsible person checks in on him or her. All medications, extra cash, any financial or legal documents and clearly marked records with your senior’s medical details need to be kept in the kit as well.
  • Protection – Other necessities include toothbrush, toothpaste, warm blankets, pillows, flashlight, and maybe even a generator. Plastic bags, sanitizer and extra clothing are helpful too. For earthquake protection, make sure there’s a well-supported interior spot in the home that your senior can go to.

NuevaCare cancer care providers can help with many needs your senior may have, such as meal preparation, transportation assistance, bathing / grooming needs etc. But a San Mateo caregiver can also work with your senior to discuss possible emergency situations and mentally prepare your loved one for the trauma that may come along with it. Don’t forget to make plans for the unexpected and help keep your aging parent safe!


Cancer Care and Emergency Weather Conditions: Tips for San Mateo Seniors
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