Cancer Questions your San Mateo Caregiver may ask

When diagnosed with any disease, the first response is often fear, followed by a plethora of questions. Cancer questions for a doctor or potential caregiver are very helpful in easing that fear and providing a sense of “control” or understanding of the situation during a difficult time.

While you undoubtably have many cancer questions for a caregiver, the caregiver will likely have some important questions to ask you. A big part of cancer care is understanding the specific need(s) surrounding the patient that is being cared for. Below are some types of questions you may hear in an interview.

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Cancer Questions from your Caregiver

What type of cancer has your loved one been diagnosed with?
This will greatly affect the type of care he / she will need and whether or not chemotherapy, surgery, palliative care or another course of action will be taken. NuevaCare caregivers can create a tailored plan that will give you and your senior the most support and comfort possible.

How involved will the family be throughout this?
Family support is an important factor in cancer care and will determine how involved the caregiver will need to be. Emotions are guaranteed to run high for the senior with cancer as well as his/her family members, so the caregiver can provide a critical element of calm during a very difficult time.

Is your loved one currently taking medications?
Your senior will need to discuss with her / her doctor about any issues with medications and possible reactions with cancer treatment. Caregivers can assist with ensuring that seniors don’t forget to take the right meds at the right times or refrain from other meds that could be harmful if taken during chemotherapy or before or after surgery.

Does your senior have diet restrictions?
Ice cream, cheesecake, hamburgers and soft drinks are only a few of the many foods that San Mateo residents enjoy. But your senior may have dietary issues that affect his / her eating habits. Your caregiver will want to know what, if any, restrictions need to be accounted for and will help to prepare nutritious meals that encourage your loved one dealing with cancer.

Mental health for family members and those suffering from cancer is a big part of success. After all, your senior is already becoming more fragile, so the added stress of a disease like cancer can seem overwhelming. Cancer questions like the ones mentioned can help a potential caregiver start to know how to assist you and your senior. NuevaCare wants to be a partner with you in cancer care for your loved one.

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Cancer Questions your San Mateo Caregiver may ask
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