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Senior care to the rescue! Shopping solutions for Millbrae adults

As the old adage goes, “shop until you drop.” This saying is stated in jest, but for elderly adults, this could sadly be true, especially if he or she has limited mobility and difficulty walking or standing for extended periods of time. Thankfully, NuevaCare offers senior care services for Millbrae seniors struggling to take care of basic shopping and life needs.

Grocery shopping doesn’t have to be hard when you have Millbrae senior care assistance

Senior care to the rescue! Shopping solutions for Millbrae adults

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One way your NuevaCare caregiver can help is by working with your senior to create a customized shopping list that includes all of the basic items your senior enjoys and / or uses on a regular basis. The caregiver can put the list on the refrigerator and when an item runs out, all your loved one has to do is to mark on the list that it needs purchased. This provides a simple way to quickly assess needs before shopping.

Senior care shopping assistance also will encourage your loved one to eat healthier. If junk food and usually salt- or sugar-heavy items aren’t available at home, your Millbrae senior is more likely to eat from the bag of carrots or box of Wheat Thins that is stocked in his or her kitchen. When a caregiver goes shopping for your senior, he or she can purchase items that are in line with the doctor-recommended diet your loved one should follow. To be honest, a third-party shopper would come in handy for anyone wanting to eat healthy! Be sure and take advantage of NuevaCare’s senior care services like shopping and meal preparation.

Beyond the items themselves, shopping is a physically-demanding task that takes a lot of time. Purchases like a case of bottled water or a big bottle of laundry detergent can be difficult to lift and place into a cart. Other items like veggies and meats need to be examined to make sure they aren’t near expiration. Shopping can require a lot of walking too. Many stores have motorized carts that make it easier, but if items aren’t at seating level, your senior still would need to stand to retrieve an item. And even if your senior could get help at the store, he or she still would have to carry everything from the vehicle into the house and get it all put away into the fridge or stored in the pantry. Some stores also offer call-ahead shopping, which is an option, but the best solution for your loved one is the specialized help an experienced senior care aide like those at NuevaCare can offer. A Millbrae caregiver can streamline the shopping process – from list-making to having healthy food items ready to eat when your loved one is hungry.

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Senior care to the rescue! Shopping solutions for Millbrae adults
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