Woodside Senior Care and Freedom through Technology

As they say, it’s a “brave new world” out there. Technology changes faster than we can keep up with and, for those entering the golden years and needing Woodside senior care assistance, computers and smartphones can be daunting.

Woodside senior care and technology victories

Woodside Senior Care and Freedom through Technology

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Technology in some form or another is a daily part of life for most. Computers (and related tech) provide a way to stay connected with friends / family, a place for learning and keeping up with trends, an escape for entertainment and SO much more. Truly, we would be pretty isolated these days without it. Now, imagine that you don’t understand how to use or access this information. Or, maybe you do know how, but are scared about “breaking” something. Many receiving senior care assistance would probably resonate with this.

Technology doesn’t have to be scary. Yes, there are pitfalls and potential for viruses, loss of files and more. But seniors who use the computer or a smartphone to interact with the Woodside community and outside world can greatly decrease feelings of isolation and abandonment. In addition, they will be able to better connect with grandkids or great-grandkids who have grown up in a tech-savvy environment. Seniors who use social media will enjoy the photos, videos etc of family members. They can research genealogy on sites like or learn a foreign language just for fun. If your senior likes to read, consider getting him or her a Kindle or iPad for a gift.

You, your kids and other family members can be a huge help in helping your senior adjust to technology. But don’t bully your loved one into adopting something that’s new for him or her. Patience and a willingness on both sides to change will go a long way in helping your loved one overcome the fear factor and learning curve of technology. Caregivers can be a big help in offering a second opinion and listening ear in this area. In addition, senior care providers can buffer interactions between family and seniors if there are tensions related to technology. Finally, if your loved one receiving senior care wants to attend a computer class in the Woodside area, a NuevaCare caregiver can assist by driving him or her to the class!


Woodside Senior Care and Freedom through Technology
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