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Proper Alzheimers Care for San Carlos Seniors includes Medication Reminders

Proper Alzheimers Care for San Carlos Seniors includes Medication Reminders

Medications are designed to reduce pain, improve health and take care of symptoms of various diseases or health issues. However useful they are, medications can also prove to be highly problematic. It’s especially important for seniors receiving Alzheimers care or care for another disease to get assistance with meds. NuevaCare’s San Carlos team of caregivers want to help.

Alzheimers care tips for Foster City caregivers

Alzheimers Care: Tips for Foster City Caregivers

Remember that your Foster City senior needing Alzheimers care IS NOT dumb. Even though it would be completely unintentional, don't fall into a habit of patronizing or treating your senior as if he or she is a baby. Far from it! Your senior will have trouble remembering basic tasks (like taking medications or how to turn on the TV), but has the wisdom of age and a wealth of knowledge about life, love and days gone by that need to be valued and appreciated. As a caregiver, it's vital that you empathize with the feelings that your senior expresses and try to understand the difficulty he / she is having with growing older. Getting older isn't easy and dealing with...

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Coping with Alzheimer’s & Caring for an Aging Parent in the Bay Area

Dealing with burnout from caring for an aging parent Providing Alzheimer's care for an aging parent with this or another long-term disease can be incredibly discouraging. Caregivers deal with not only physical exhaustion (lifting, carrying, cooking, bathing, feeding, dressing etc), but also with mental exhaustion and burnout. If you're a child caring for your aging parent in the Bay Area, you probably frequently worry...

NuevaCare, a Leading San Mateo Home Care Agency, Announces Location-Specific Pages for San Mateo, Hillsborough and Other Communities

San Mateo, California – December 5, 2016. NuevaCare, a leading home care agency based in San Mateo but serving the entire San Francisco Peninsula region, is proud to announce new city-specific pages as part of its ambitious website relaunch. As Bay Area clients scramble to find quality in-home care services for the elderly, they often look, first, for local agencies serving their city. The new site has several key city-specific pages to address this need.

San Mateo Home Care Agency, NuevaCare Announces Ambitious Website Relaunch for Bay Area Home Care Market

San Mateo, California – November 21, 2016. NuevaCare, a leading Bay Area home care agency based in San Mateo but serving the entire San Francisco Peninsula region, is proud to announce an ambitious website relaunch. The newly relaunched website at http://nuevacare.com/ features in-depth information on home care and caregiving services, as more and more families face challenges with respect to in-home care.

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4 Ways to Improve Home Life for Alzheimer’s Care

Home matters for people who need Alzheimer's care. Making the home comfortable while giving individualized Alzheimer's care is what professionally trained caregivers can do best, but family caregivers play an important role as well. Sight, sound, smell, taste, and touch are all important stimulation paths for individuals with dementia and Alzheimer's disease. Keeping the brain active through the disease comes in many ways from stimulating memories. Scent is powerful for Alzheimer's patients Use of aromatherapy is gaining ground in everything from cancer care to hospice. There's plenty of research that shows that those same treatments work in Alzheimer's patients. Lavender can soothe and calm the nerves. Peppermint is a powerful source of energy. Lemon and rosemary both work well to boost mood, a serious problem for Alzheimer's...