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Coping with Alzheimer’s & Caring for an Aging Parent in the Bay Area

Dealing with burnout from caring for an aging parent Providing Alzheimer's care for an aging parent with this or another long-term disease can be incredibly discouraging. Caregivers deal with not only physical exhaustion (lifting, carrying, cooking, bathing, feeding, dressing etc), but also with mental exhaustion and burnout. If you're a child caring for your aging parent in the Bay Area, you probably frequently worry...

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Top 10 Fall Prevention Tips from San Francisco Bay Area Professional Caregivers

Preventing falls is a subject that families must take seriously. Falling is a top concern for San Francisco Bay Area families because falls are a leading cause of hospitalization for seniors. Fall prevention matters because falls lead to long term, serious complications and can even be fatal. The biggest key to preventing falls is to think about hazards ahead of time. We've talked to our experienced professional caregivers in the San Francisco Bay Area to find out what they view as the most important steps families can take to prevent falls.  Here are the top ten. Photo credit: daoro via Foter.com / CC BY 1 - Use non-slip pads in wet areas These stickers adhere to the floor of wet areas like towers and tubs. These are major areas...

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Bay Area Family Caregiver Tip – Packing a Caregiver Bag

You never know when something unexepected might come up when caring for a senior loved one with complex medical needs. Senior medical emergencies are unfortunately an aspect of caregiving that many families are all too familiar with. Bay Area family caregivers can feel a little more confident that you're ready to take on the task of dealing with an emergency if you've got a family caregiver bag packed and ready to go. Because a doctor's visit or hospital stay can sometimes come out of nowhere for seniors. Photo credit: Foter.com / CC0 How to Pack a Caregiver Emergency Bag The first thing to do is to choose a bag that works for you. Look for something that's sturdy enough to last for a while. Also look for a...

Leading Bay Area Home Care Agency, NuevaCare of San Mateo Announces Informational Page on Kubi Remote Care Management

NuevaCare, a leading Bay Area home care agency based in San Mateo but serving the entire San Francisco Peninsula region, is proud to announce a new informational page on Kubi Remote Care Management. Kubi Remote Care Management is an interactive communications technology that allows caregivers and managers to interact with both patients and families remotely via video teleconferencing.

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A Rising Problem: 5 Signs Home Care May be Needed

Nearly one third of adults in the United States, and perhaps more here in the affluent San Francisco Bay Area, now find themselves caring for an aging relative, and that number is expected to increase over the next several years. With long distance family relationships common in Silicon Valley, and hectic schedules all around from San Francisco to San Jose, we live in an increasingly stressed part of the country, symptomatic of a nationwide shift towards an aging population. Family caregiving is increasingly common as medical breakthroughs and improved lifestyle allow people to live longer; home care is an option that many Bay Area families find can assist amidst very busy schedules. Many serious health issues are preventable with simple, early interventions. Start asking questions and...

Tips for Finicky San Francisco Bay Area Seniors and Their Caregivers

It's an open secret the Bay Area people are food conscious. Not only are we known throughout the world as a "food culture," perhaps second only to France in terms of our passion for fine foods (including fine wines), but we are also exercise and health conscious. This food awareness doesn't stop as we age, and here at NuevaCare we know from the experience of our caregivers that it can be a challenge to motivate and please a Bay Area Senior when it comes to food. We also hear all the time from everyone from busy Palo Alto tech executives to Soccer moms and dads in Santa Clara to San Francisco startup CEOs who have aging parents in San Mateo that it can be a challenge...