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NuevaCare Announces New Pages on Millbrae Home Care and Burlingame Home Care Options

March 29, 2017 – Millbrae & Burlingame, California. NuevaCare, considered one of the top home care providers to Bay Area clients, is proud to announce new information pages on Burlingame and Millbrae home care options. With a large hospital presence, Burlingame and Millbrae are often the starting points for patients upon hospital discharge as they search for viable home care options for themselves or their loved ones near Burlingame, Millbrae and other San Francisco Bay Area communities such as San Mateo or Palo Alto.

Burlingame Home Care

Hip Fracture Prevention for Burlingame Seniors

A common problem among seniors is hip fracture. Hip fractures affect nine out of ten people over the age of sixty, and are one of the leading causes of hospitalization in America for that age group. The risk of fracturing a hip doubles with each passing year over sixty.  Preventing hip fractures presents an important issue for families who are charged with being caregivers in Burlingame. However it's possible to prevent hip fractures with diligence and attention to detail, and families can prevent a great deal of trouble later with simple steps. Preventing Hip Fractures in Older Adults A major reason that older adults get hip injuries has to do with their lack of coordination. That makes it much easier for them to fall. Prevention starts with...