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Fall and Falling: San Mateo Caregiver Fall Prevention Tactics

Fall and Falling: San Mateo Caregiver Fall Prevention Tactics

Fall is just around the corner…and what a beautiful time of year it is! The weather (hopefully) starts to get a little bit cooler and all the new programs and back-to-school activities begin. But for seniors, the word “fall” has a more serious implication. Those in the know, like a caregiver, are aware that falling is a serious health threat and problem for San Mateo seniors.

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4 Ways to Support Joint Health for Seniors in San Mateo

Joints go through a LOT during a lifetime. Every movement impacts the joints of the body - little movements like brushing teeth or getting out of bed, and bigger movements like running and picking up children. Joints are essential to getting on with life, and without healthy joints, life can become tremendously challenging for seniors in San Mateo. Keeping joints healthy and with as little pain and stiffness as possible will help your loved one to live a more active and happy life. Joint Health for Seniors in San Mateo The National Institute of Health offers some great resources that can help you to understand the disorders that can pop up when joints become compromised. Proper joint care can help to mitigate a lot of issues, including the following: ...

Simple Steps for Caregivers in San Mateo to Make Life Better

There are lots of ways to improve the care that your loved one is receiving.  If you are concerned about how an aging loved one is progressing, then you want some real, actionable steps to take in order to improve their life. Nuevacare is here to help San Mateo families! Here are five keys to improving the life of someone that you love. 1 - Hire a professional, experienced caregiver The bottom line is that while you know your loved one best, most likely you don't know senior care as well as a professional. Don't be afraid to ask for help! A professional caregiver who has experience and has been trained by a reputable agency can improve the safety of your loved one and help them on...

Simple Ways to Keep Your Loved One Safe

Protecting your loved one is a big reason that you do what you do. It's important that family caregivers take action to keep their loved one free from harm, and prevention is the best way to make that happen. Times of trauma can force caregivers to go into crisis themselves due to the weight of responsibility that they must face. Often seniors aren’t able or willing to communicate their needs effectively, which can contribute tremendously to a unexpected and traumatic situations. There’s a physical reaction when a caregiver comes to the realization that a serious situation is going on – that sinking feeling in the pit of the stomach that tells you that something’s not right. While the person being cared for may say that “everything’s...

Osteoporosis – 5 Ways to Support Recovery

Though bone mass naturally decreases with age, osteoporosis dramatically degrades bones in ways that are much more detrimental than mere bone loss. Osteoporosis actually thins the outside of the bones. It affects both men and women, though it affects women much more commonly than it affects men. There is so much that we can do to help to lessen the effects of osteoporosis so that it doesn't lead to a serious limitation of activity. The first thing that you have to do is to help your loved one to accept that osteoporosis is a reality and that there is something that you can do about it. 1. Get a Bone Density Test All women over the age of 65 and all men over the age of 70 should...

EASY Fall Prevention Tips

Staying at home is one of the key desires of many seniors - it increases their quality of life dramatically and allows them to enjoy familiar surroundings. However what once was a cozy and easy to maneuver home can easily become a place full of danger as time passes, even as it's well kept. Falls are a serious issue for seniors. Many people don't realize that a fall doesn't just mean a bruise or a bit of discomfort - for seniors it can be far more serious and quite often ends with a hospital stay and a long stint with rehabilitation. Once robust individuals find themselves suddenly overwhelmed with the medical needs that follow a fall, and falls are the leading cause of individuals going from...