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Belmont Senior Care ideas for Fourth of July fun

Belmont Senior Care ideas for Fourth of July fun

This week, we celebrate the Fourth of July…a summer holiday filled with watermelon, fireworks, swimming pools, boating at the lake and, best of all, time with family. But for many adults receiving senior care in Belmont, holidays like the Fourth can only remind them of how lonely they are. Even though you’ll want to spend every precious moment enjoying relaxation, don’t forget to take a little bit of time to show your aging parent that you love him or her. NuevaCare’s Belmont senior care team offers some ideas for making the holiday more fun for your loved one.

Holiday checklist long distance caregiver

A Holiday Checklist for Long Distance Caregivers

You’re a long distance caregiver, and you’re headed to see your loved one over the holidays. What are the things that you should focus on? What needs to get done while you’re there in person? From a distance, you’ve been able to pay bills, to check in through online consultations, and to coordinate services. However there’s just so much that you can’t do from far away. You want to make the most of the time that you’re with your loved one, and here’s a checklist that will help you to do the things that you need to get done while still enjoying time with your loved one during the holiday season. Observe behavior closely How is your loved one taking care of themselves? Are the well-kept? Most...

4 Activities to do with Seniors After the Big Holiday Meal

After everyone has eaten their fill and all of the food has been locked up tight into containers and put in the fridge, most of us settle in for a weekend off. In just a few weeks everyone will be getting ready for even more family time, digging in once again to make memories and enjoy one another's company. Now that you've got a whole weekend to spend together, the question really is - what will you do together with the time. 1. Volunteer There's no better way to give back during the holidays than by participating in a local food drive or soup kitchen. Even if you just have everyone in your family bring a couple of canned foods to the local food drive, you and...

Seniors, the Holidays and Intervening

  The holidays are a time of year when we see family members who we don't see as often as we'd like. It's not unusual for an individual to find that their elderly family members have not fared the time apart well.  But tread softly should you discover that this is the case this holiday season. Here are some tips to help make sure that you use the time with your family members to reinforce and create positive interactions rather than fostering alienation or bad blood between you and your loved one. Observe as much as you can during your visit. If your loved one is driving, then ride along. If he or she is cooking, then partake in the meal preparation and note how well they...