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Bathroom Hazards for Seniors: Burlingame Home Care Solutions

Bathroom Hazards for Seniors: Burlingame Home Care Solutions

We all enjoy the feeling of a hot bath or shower and the smell of freshly-laundered towels. The bathroom is a place to unwind, relax and take care of your body. But the bathroom can also be one of the most dangerous places for a senior’s body. Thankfully, for Burlingame seniors receiving home care assistance, that threat can be minimized. Here’s some of the ways how.

Diabetes care in Burlingame

Diabetes Care for Seniors in Burlingame

What if I need Diabetes Care In American culture, fast food is king. Like many others around the nation, Burlingame residents live constantly on-the-go and want something to quick to eat that also tastes good. However, a consistent diet of unhealthy foods and physical inactivity leading to weight gain could increase your chances for diabetes. In addition, diabetes can increase feelings of depression (1). Diabetes is a lifelong condition that requires regular monitoring and discipline of the body and mind. It's a common disease that affects more than 29 million Americans, according to a "National Diabetes Statistics Report, 2014 (based on health data from 2012)" report (2). But it's not impossible to live with this disease, especially with proper diabetes care. Healthy Living...

NuevaCare Announces Information Upgrades for Burlingame Home Care Services

Burlingame, CA – April 27, 2017. NuevaCare, a leading Bay Area home care agency servicing San Mateo, Millbrae, Burlingame and environs, is proud to announce information upgrades for families in Burlingame looking for local home care options. With a major area hospital, Burlingame is a focal point for searches for home care services at patient discharge.

NuevaCare Announces New Pages on Millbrae Home Care and Burlingame Home Care Options

March 29, 2017 – Millbrae & Burlingame, California. NuevaCare, considered one of the top home care providers to Bay Area clients, is proud to announce new information pages on Burlingame and Millbrae home care options. With a large hospital presence, Burlingame and Millbrae are often the starting points for patients upon hospital discharge as they search for viable home care options for themselves or their loved ones near Burlingame, Millbrae and other San Francisco Bay Area communities such as San Mateo or Palo Alto.

Home Care Services in Burlingame, CA

The Value of Home Care Services in San Mateo, CA: Bathing an Aging Adult

Providing home care for an aging adult is about more than making sure that senior is safe in the home, gets to his doctors’ appointments on time and easy to a balanced diet. Taking care of the senior is about ensuring that senior is safe, healthy and happy. One of the most important ways that this is accomplished is through maintaining appropriate personal hygiene. Being clean is not only a basic element of feeling comfortable, but it is also critical for keeping your aging loved one healthy. Unfortunately, many seniors cope with physical or cognitive challenges that make it difficult or even impossible for your aging loved one to keep up with her own personal hygiene. Whether it is because she simply can’t perform the...