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4 Ways to Support Joint Health for Seniors in San Mateo

Joints go through a LOT during a lifetime. Every movement impacts the joints of the body - little movements like brushing teeth or getting out of bed, and bigger movements like running and picking up children. Joints are essential to getting on with life, and without healthy joints, life can become tremendously challenging for seniors in San Mateo. Keeping joints healthy and with as little pain and stiffness as possible will help your loved one to live a more active and happy life. Joint Health for Seniors in San Mateo The National Institute of Health offers some great resources that can help you to understand the disorders that can pop up when joints become compromised. Proper joint care can help to mitigate a lot of issues, including the following: ...

Help Following Joint Replacement

There are lots of reasons that people experience joint health issues. These can be everything from arthritis to injury to the simple wear and tear that comes with living a full and rich life. In this article we will focus on how home care helps individuals following joint replacement. Unfortunately, these issues will lead to many people having to have a joint replaced at some point. Joint replacements are commonplace procedures that have been tested with time and which are constantly innovated upon due to the incredible number of these surgeries that are performed each year. Where once hip replacements involved huge cuts and long surgeries, they now can be done in with shockingly small incisions and with much shorter surgery times. The same goes for knee...