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Dementia Care and Long-Distance Caregiving for Hillsborough Seniors

Dementia Care and Long-Distance Caregiving for Hillsborough Seniors

It’s SO hard living far away from loved ones. You want to eat meals together, to have the same laughs, to be in the same house again…sharing togetherness. Nothing can quite replace the physical presence of being with a dearly-loved aging parent, but NuevaCare’s dementia care team wants to help ease the pain of loneliness for your Hillsborough senior.

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A Holiday Checklist for Long Distance Caregivers

You’re a long distance caregiver, and you’re headed to see your loved one over the holidays. What are the things that you should focus on? What needs to get done while you’re there in person? From a distance, you’ve been able to pay bills, to check in through online consultations, and to coordinate services. However there’s just so much that you can’t do from far away. You want to make the most of the time that you’re with your loved one, and here’s a checklist that will help you to do the things that you need to get done while still enjoying time with your loved one during the holiday season. Observe behavior closely How is your loved one taking care of themselves? Are the well-kept? Most...