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3 Keys to Caring for Parkinson’s in Palo Alto

Finding out that someone you love is facing the battle against Parkinson's can be life changing and incredibly frightening. Coping with a disease that leads to debilitation and eventually to death is sobering and shapes every moment that follows. The future is suddenly so different than what you'd anticipated. Making plans to help you care for your loved one with Parkinson's disease starts with getting the highest quality care possible, and here are three keys that will help you navigate the times ahead. Even in advanced Bay Area cities like Palo Alto - where it seems we have every technological advantage, finding home care services for a loved one that suffers from Parkinson's is not easy. 1 - Pull together a support system There's a major emotional...

Learn the Early Signs of Parkinson’s Disease

Parkinson's Disease is a disorder of the brain, affecting both men and women. It generally begins in individuals over the age of 50, though in rare cases younger adults develop the illness.  Over 1 million American suffer from Parkinson's. It impacts muscle movement, making walking difficult and causing tremors. Younger adults can sometimes develop Parkinson's disease. The early signs of Parkinson's disease aren't always easy to recognize, particularly in older individuals. These symptoms can be mild and are similar to some of the other, normal signs of aging. Early Parkinson's symptoms and signs of include: Decreased facial expression Tremors or shaking when resting Muscle aches Decreased or slowed movements Difficulty swallowing Fewer facial expressions Balance issues Stooping Drooling Excess Blinking Stiff muscles, especially leg muscles Slowed speech Monotone voice If you suspect that your loved one might be showing these symptoms, bring...