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4 Big Benefits of Senior Care in Redwood City

It's common for seniors to resist the idea of senior care from a professional caregiver. They don't like the idea of a stranger coming into their home, or they value their independence. Talking to your loved one about senior care in Redwood City can make all the difference in terms of getting them onboard with improving their lives through home care. Photo credit: Moyan_Brenn via / CC BY Senior care in Redwood City helps maintain independence When a home care provider comes in to help a senior, at first the senior can feel as though they're being watched al of the time. However what's really happening is that they have someone available to them that allows them to stay at home with ease. They can maintain their...

The 4 Keys to Avoiding Medication Mistakes for Redwood City Families

There are nearly 1.3 million serious medical incidents every year in the United States that are directly caused by medication mishaps. Most of these are due to similar sounding drug names and labels that are unclear. This issue affects families in Redwood City and all over the San Francisco Bay Area. But how can you keep a dangerous medication mix-up from hurting you or someone you love? Using home care services is one way to help seniors to keep track of their medication, and there are other ways that you can play an active role in keeping medications safe. Avoiding Medication Errors Every time you or your loved one living in Redwood City, CA or anywhere in America is issued a new medication by a doctor, it's a good...