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NuevaCare Announces New Posts on Senior Care in San Mateo, Redwood City and other Bay Area Communities

March 31, 2017 – San Mateo & Redwood City, California. NuevaCare, a leading home care agency based in San Mateo, California, but serving Bay Area cities as diverse as Millbrae, Belmont, and Palo Alto, is proud to announce two lively and important new posts to its blog on the topic of senior care.

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Senior Care in San Mateo, CA: Adjusting to Alzheimer’s in the Family

It can be both complex and difficult to make the adjustment to the news that someone in your family potentially has Alzheimer’s disease. Yet there must be a way to become reconciled to the disease because acceptance makes it easier to handle the physical and emotional strains that Alzheimer’s brings. Acceptance means that we can seek the necessary support. It will be easier for some family members to accept the disease than others. Some family members have been more involved with the Alzheimer’s patient in recent time than others have been. They have likely noticed unusual behaviors and memory loss lately and had started questioning whether something was wrong even before the diagnosis was made. Each person will accept the disease in their own way, and showing...