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Redwood City senior care and music to stimulate the brain and heart

Redwood City senior care and music to stimulate the brain and heart

As poet Henry Wadsworth Longfellow said, “Music is the universal language of mankind.” Yes, music has a way of reaching humans of all ages and backgrounds in a way that nothing else can. Music can be an expression of praise, an escape from the mundane or a way to celebrate special events in life. Thus, it’s no surprise that music can benefit Redwood City seniors in a variety of ways. Below are some possible ways that senior care providers can integrate music into their work as a caregiver.

Senior care to the rescue! Shopping solutions for Milbrae adults

Senior care to the rescue! Shopping solutions for Millbrae adults

As the old adage goes, “shop until you drop.” This saying is stated in jest, but for elderly adults, this could sadly be true, especially if he or she has limited mobility and difficulty walking or standing for extended periods of time. Thankfully, NuevaCare offers senior care services for Millbrae seniors struggling to take care of basic shopping and life needs.

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Considering a career in Senior Care? Questions for Palo Alto caregivers

Choosing a career as a Palo Alto caregiver offering senior care can be incredibly rewarding. It’s a very personal job that involves interaction with seniors who depend on you for general health and well-being. Being a caregiver means that you’ll laugh and cry with the people you’re serving. It’s a career that requires compassion and strength.

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Memory Loss & the Importance for Dementia Care in San Carlos

In “The Way We Were,” Barbra Streisand sings the line “Memories, light the corners of my mind…” It’s a beautiful sentiment we all can relate to, but even more so as the years go by. For those with aging parents or loved ones, dementia care might become an important need, especially if he or she is showing signs of memory loss. Why?

NuevaCare Announces New Posts on Senior Care in San Mateo, Redwood City and other Bay Area Communities

March 31, 2017 – San Mateo & Redwood City, California. NuevaCare, a leading home care agency based in San Mateo, California, but serving Bay Area cities as diverse as Millbrae, Belmont, and Palo Alto, is proud to announce two lively and important new posts to its blog on the topic of senior care.

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4 Big Benefits of Senior Care in Redwood City

It's common for seniors to resist the idea of senior care from a professional caregiver. They don't like the idea of a stranger coming into their home, or they value their independence. Talking to your loved one about senior care in Redwood City can make all the difference in terms of getting them onboard with improving their lives through home care. Photo credit: Moyan_Brenn via / CC BY Senior care in Redwood City helps maintain independence When a home care provider comes in to help a senior, at first the senior can feel as though they're being watched al of the time. However what's really happening is that they have someone available to them that allows them to stay at home with ease. They can maintain their...

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Keeping Sickness at Bay – Supporting the Immune Systems of Seniors in San Mateo

The human body is truly a wonderful thing. The intricate systems of the immune system work hard to keep away illness and disease, fighting viruses, bacteria, parasites, and more. Families in the San Mateo area can help to prevent illness in seniors by taking some simple steps. How Aging Affects the Immune System Just like the rest of the body, the immune system starts to wear down after years of constant use. Seniors in the Bay Area find themselves experiencing symptoms that before were battled by their bodies much more easily. Slowed down immune system - One major reason it's harder to prevent illness in seniors is because their immune system is simply slower than it was before. Illnesses have an easier time getting a foothold in...

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5 Perfect  Breakfast Ideas for Seniors with Diabetes

Breakfast is the most important meal of the day, and that’s especially true for individuals with type 2 diabetes who need to make sure that they get the nutrition they need while also maintaining blood sugar levels. These five breakfasts for diabetes are perfect for seniors who want something that’s palatable but also fulfills the requirements that they need. Breakfast burrito Scramble an egg with your choice of diced vegetables in a non-stick pan sprayed with cooking spray. Sprinkle on some low-fat shredded cheese towards the very end of cooking, then wrap in a whole wheat tortilla and enjoy with a dash of hot sauce if desired. Oatmeal and fruit One of the healthiest options for breakfast for anyone is oatmeal. Mix in a scoop of vanilla protein...

Cleaning Tips for Caregivers

  Keeping house is no small thing! Often the biggest issue is simple the issue of too little time. Another big roadblock is a lack of energy - you're exhausted before you even begin! Balancing your home and family with the needs of your loved one often means getting behind and feeling overwhelmed. Finding a solid routine and sticking with it is the key to preventing your feeling overwhelmed, and the added bonus is that a neat space is a proven way to improve everyone's mood! It might require a bit of experimentation in order to get the routine that best suits your family and your needs. Keep at it until you find the schedule that works for you, and once you find it you'll be very happy...