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Caregiver tips to help San Carlos seniors beat the heat

Caregiver tips to help San Carlos seniors beat the summer heat

Ah, the joys of summertime. Kids are out of school and have more time to spend with Grandpa and Grandma. There’s plenty of adventures to be had together…from swimming in the pool to riding bikes and more! Most know that young children need careful attention to keep them from overheating. But seniors such as those in San Carlos are also very susceptible to summer heat exhaustion or even heat stroke. A trained caregiver can help your senior be more aware of potential health concerns in the summer.

What you Need to Know About Heat and the Elderly this Summer

With the summer months and rising temperatures upon us, it’s critically important that we monitor our loved ones. Heat stroke is the most serious concern for seniors during the summer months. When we’re young, our bodies are able to process changes in temperature. However, as we age it becomes more difficult for us to adjust to swings in heat and cold. This effect can be exacerbated by medications and medical conditions. What is Heat Stroke? Heat strokes occur when the body’s temperature increases dramatically. During a heat stroke, the core temperature of the body goes from a normal 98.6F to 104F and as high as 106F in just ten to fifteen minutes. Once the body temperature crosses to 104F, the individual is considered to be at heat stroke,...

Summer Heat and Seniors

It's July and the summer is really starting to heat up. Staying healthy while temperatures keep going up is an issue that's facing many seniors and the people who care for them. People over the age of 65 are particularly at risk for having health issues related to the increase in temperature. Serious injury and even death are a major concern when heat becomes an issue. There are lots of easy precautions that seniors can take to ward off the effects of heat related illnesses. What's essential is that caregivers take heat seriously, and that they follow these steps in order to keep their loved ones healthy and out of the hospital. 1. Stay hydrated - Keeping fluids in the body is absolutely essential. Drinking water, even when...