Home care or nursing home? Round the clock solutions for Redwood City seniors

Maybe your aging parent just got out of the hospital. Maybe he or she recently had a fall or was diagnosed with dementia or diabetes. Or maybe your loved one is just getting older. Whatever the cause, your Redwood City senior isn’t physically capable of standing to do meal preparation or able to get out of bed without help. NuevaCare home care aides want to help your senior have the comfort and independence of home while still receiving as much care and assistance as needed.

24 / 7 home care the way your Redwood City parent needs it

Home care or nursing home? Round the clock solutions for Redwood City seniors

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Since your senior still lives at home, you might think that it would be harder for him or her to receive the quality care that’s needed. A nursing home has more to offer, you might say. There’s the interaction your loved one could have with other seniors, the benefit of prepared meals and activities and, let’s not forget, the 24 / 7 assistance from staff.

But what if your Redwood City senior could “have her cake and eat it too?” With NuevaCare home care, he or she could! NuevaCare’s experienced caregivers can provide tailored solutions that meet your senior’s physical, social, mental, emotional needs while still allowing him or her to live at home. If your senior requires 24 /7 home care or only needs daily or weekly visits, NuevaCare can work around that. Here are some benefits to receiving 24 / 7 home care versus a nursing home:

  • Independence. This is a HUGE reason seniors prefer staying at home instead of a traditional nursing home or assisted living facility. Your Redwood City senior can have the feeling of independence while still benefiting from help with meals, bathing, transportation, medication reminders and more.
  • Comfort of home. The saying goes that “there’s no place like home.” And it’s true. A 24 / 7 caregiver can do minor housekeeping tasks and provide emotional support beyond the family that promotes overall well-being. This can be especially helpful if your senior is facing Alzheimer’s disease or cancer. Home simply offers the least stressful place for your aging parent to reside. It’s where the sheets are familiar, the neighbors are friendly and the garden has your favorite perennials.
  • Loss of personalized care. Your senior knows what he or she likes best and a facility that seems “cookie-cutter-like” won’t cut it. A caregiver simply offers the most dedicated, personalized care for your loved one. Your senior not only would receive the obvious care needed (like daily meals / grooming), but also would offer the benefit of someone who spends enough time with your loved one to understand the non-verbal cues he or she gives. If an emergency occurs or your senior seems to not be responding well, a caregiver will be able to contact medical personnel for help.
Home care or nursing home? Round the clock solutions for Redwood City seniors
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