Alzheimers care in Burlingame and health benefits of eating fish

This fishy story is true…many people around the world have been fasting from eating meat one day a week for the past several weeks and instead opting for fish.1 But why? Historians disagree about the exact reasons for why fish is allowed, but this tradition is still honored during the 40 days called Lent preceding the Easter holiday.1 Some restaurants even add or highlight dishes starring fish during this season.2 Anyway, if your Burlingame senior is receiving Alzheimers care, he or she would benefit from eating this white meat as a regular part of a weekly diet. We’ll discuss some reasons below.

No bones about it: Burlingame seniors, Alzheimers care and heart-healthy fish

Alzheimers care in Burlingame and health benefits of eating fish

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Is all this talk about food making you and your senior receiving Alzheimers care hungry? It should! Fish is a delicious, heart-healthy option that’s rich in Omega-3. It’s good for brain health and is an oily / fatty substance that helps to protect cells.3 Experts haven’t determined for sure whether or not fish oils can reduce the effects of dementia or Alzheimer’s disease, but it sure doesn’t hurt to ensure that your Burlingame senior supplements his or her diet with a few weekly meals including fish.3 Even canned tuna can offer health benefits…doesn’t a lunch with tuna, a toasted hamburger bun, pickles, some baked Lay’s chips and a sliced apple sound yummy?!4

NuevaCare’s top-rated Alzheimers care team can help your Burlingame senior eat a healthy diet rich in Omega-3. Our caregivers know that meal preparation and grocery shopping are a big part of the weekly routine, but that these tasks can easily become overwhelming and stressful. If your senior is prone to wander off or get disoriented due to memory struggles, grocery shopping could be downright scary. An Alzheimers care professional can alleviate this by taking care of those duties for your Burlingame senior and ensure that he or she eats regularly throughout the day. Not only will you rest easy knowing that your senior is taken care of, your senior will also enjoy tasty meals with healthy side effects. And that’s not a big fish story!

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Alzheimers care in Burlingame and health benefits of eating fish
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