Alzheimers Care and celebrating Father’s Day with your San Mateo Senior

Happy Father’s Day to all Dads and Granddads! Fathers inspire, encourage and enable the next generation, so it’s important to honor them on this special day. Your Mother may show her love in more recognizable ways (hugs, words of encouragement etc), but your San Mateo Father is still worth celebrating, even if he is receiving Alzheimers care and can’t remember you.

San Mateo Fathers and Alzheimers care

Alzheimers Care and celebrating Fathers Day with your San Mateo Senior

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If your San Mateo Dad is dealing with Alzheimer’s disease, it can be very difficult to connect with him to reminisce over old times. You can help make sure that his needs are taken care of, though, just as he took care of your needs. NuevaCare’s San Mateo Alzheimers care providers can help fill some of these needs by assisting with grocery shopping, meal preparation, light housekeeping and even transportation.

And, while Alzheimers care providers are taking care of some daily needs for your Dad, you can write him a thank-you letter! Don’t know what to say? Below are some ideas:

  • Thank Dad for providing for your financial needs. Your Dad probably worked for years at his job to help provide for his family.
  • Thank Dad for setting a great example for you to follow. Maybe your Dad was an entrepreneur or innovator in his field. Appreciate him today for his legacy.
  • Thank your San Mateo Father for teaching you many practical skills in life. Perhaps your Dad taught you how to throw a baseball or the tricks of changing the oil in your car. Or he might have instructed you on how to file taxes and build a doghouse. Whatever he taught you, remember him in a special note.

If you and your Dad have a rocky relationship or you have a lot of anger towards the way your Dad treated you, maybe it’s time to start the road to forgiveness? It won’t be easy for sure, but forgiving your Dad for being absent, for divorcing your Mom, for mistreating you, for not communicating with you etc will give you freedom in your life. Even though he might be receiving Alzheimers care and can’t remember what he did to you, you will still carry that baggage unless you release it. Write him a note or give him a call!

Or, maybe your Dad has passed away. Take today to remember your Dad by visiting his grave or looking through some old photographs. Celebrate the other Dads in your life by going to visit your Grandma / Grandpa or the grandparents of one of your friends.

Alzheimers Care and celebrating Father’s Day with your San Mateo Senior
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