Alzheimers care during the holidays: Gift-giving ideas for your Woodside senior

Thanksgiving is just around the corner, which means that Black Friday and the holiday shopping season are upon us! It’s a busy time of year, but don’t forget something for your special Woodside senior. True, seniors receiving Alzheimers care may not remember the gift you gave them, but you’ll definitely feel good inside and enjoy watching him or her open the present at Christmas. But what should you get for your aging parent?

Part One: Gift ideas for Woodside seniors receiving Alzheimers care

Alzheimers care during the holidays: Gift-giving ideas for your Woodside senior

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Each person is different, so you’ll know best what to get your special Woodside senior, but below are some possible ideas to help you get the creative juices flowing.

  • For any senior, time is the best gift you could ever give. You or your children could make Grandma a coupon book with different activities you all can do together. As the year progresses, make it a point to remind your senior receiving Alzheimers care about the coupons if he or she forgets. The activities could be anything from making cookies together to going to a movie or visiting the zoo. Just tailor it to your family’s interests and what you think your Woodside senior is physically able to handle. Talk to your senior’s NuevaCare caregiver beforehand if you have any questions about specific activities.
  • Photographs of the family, a scrapbook or other photo memorabilia are perfect gift ideas for seniors receiving Alzheimers care. These keepsakes can serve a great purpose in helping your senior remember the faces of those he or she loves. It’s a good idea to write or print the names of the family members on the gift as well for an additional memory aid.
  • Who doesn’t love the idea of curling up with a good book? Yes, reading may not be “glamorous” or seem exciting, but for seniors, books can be an ideal gift. The television is enjoyable, but can get boring after a while. Ask a few subtle questions next time you visit your Woodside parent’s home and figure out what his or her reading tastes might be…cookbooks, non-fiction (biography, how-to etc) or fiction (romance, mystery, classics etc). Or get your senior’s Alzheimers care provider into the fun and have him or her find out what authors or genres your loved one enjoys.
  • Similar to a good book, another idea for gift-giving is to get your senior a magazine subscription. This is fun because it probably will come several times throughout the year and can be a new surprise in the mail when it arrives!

Whatever you decide to give, your senior will appreciate the time and effort you took to remember him or her. Come back on our blog again for a future follow-up post with even more gift-giving ideas!

Alzheimers care during the holidays: Gift-giving ideas for your Woodside senior
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