Alzheimers care and eyesight for Hillsborough seniors: Letting the world in

Our eyes express our thoughts and innermost feelings. They also allow us to take in new information and better understand the world around us. Our eyesight is a precious gift, indeed! Hillsborough families considering Alzheimers care assistance for their loved one need to consider how poor and failing eyesight can affect their seniors even in the safety of home.

Alzheimers care can offer a second pair of eyes to Hillsborough seniors

Hillsborough seniors with Alzheimers disease and weak eyesight should take extra care around the home in order to reduce potential hazards that can make life more difficult.

  • Weak eyesight can make seniors feel more isolated, which will add to any feelings of depression etc. Alzheimers care providers can help offset this by coming to your senior’s home weekly / bi-weekly etc to provide companionship.
  • Weak eyesight will make it harder for seniors to get around the home. This can cause problems with falling for your senior and contribute overall to issues like injury in the kitchen (using knives, breaking dishes etc) or bathroom. Alzheimers care providers can help your senior with some of these problematic areas by providing grooming assistance, meal preparation help and medication reminders.
  • Weak eyesight can lead to SERIOUS problems on the road. Hillsborough seniors should get transportation assistance from a caregiver if they start having low vision issues.
  • Alzheimer’s disease itself can work in combination with vision impairment to make life more confusing and frustrating for seniors as well, including depth perception issues and a reduced ability to perceive colors.
  • An Alzheimers care provider can be one of the first to spot your senior’s vision impairment while at home. This can be vital in helping your senior get the help needed from an ophthalmologist and in early detection of cataracts or other vision problems. Caregivers can’t offer medical help, but CAN assist your Hillsborough senior in getting the help they need.
  • With Alzheimers disease, seniors can easily misplace important items around the house, including their own eyeglasses! A caregiver can assist seniors in looking for lost items and even in creating color-coordinated and organized areas around the home for special items like eyeglasses, the TV remote, medications etc.


Alzheimers care and eyesight for Hillsborough seniors: Letting the world in
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