Babies, naturalistic dolls benefit Millbrae seniors receiving Alzheimers care

One of the greatest joys in life is becoming a parent. There’s nothing like the tender gaze of a mother on her newborn and the fierceness of her “mama bear” protective nature when threats are near. A mother will always love her children, even when they cause havoc and are undeserving of the love shown to them. But what does a Millbrae mother do when her children are grown and don’t need her in the same way anymore? Yes, even seniors receiving Alzheimers care still need someone…something…to love.

Relief for Millbrae seniors receiving Alzheimers care

Most little girls enjoy playing with dolls and dressing, “feeding” and otherwise caring for them. A doll is a companion, always there to listen to the frustrations of the day and to provide support. Later, Millbrae women who choose to have families enjoy similar benefits when caring for their own human babies. Shouldn’t senior adults and those receiving Alzheimers care have the opportunity for the same joys of loving and being loved?

Did you know that a baby doll might help your Millbrae senior receiving Alzheimers care? Many people have reported success in Alzheimer’s patients who were given a doll to care for.1 Such a simple gesture may seem silly to you, but baby dolls may increase quality of life for your Millbrae senior in a variety of ways.

  • Most of all, a doll provides something to love. Your lonely senior has a place for her heart to rest. Your senior’s NuevaCare caregiver can offer a doll to your loved one to see if this option is effective. If so, an Alzheimers care provider will be able to support your senior in caring for her baby doll by talking with her about the “baby” and doing light housekeeping around the home as needed. Caregivers won’t be mocking or deriding your senior by giving her a toy to “play house” with, but instead will be offering a possible source of comfort for a lonely heart.
  • As women, we innately know that babies require gentle care and need constant attention. This is why a baby doll specifically can be beneficial because it gives your senior receiving Alzheimers care a sense of purpose.
  • For a Millbrae senior receiving Alzheimers care, a baby doll can be an important connection to the past…to a time when she cared for her own human baby. This can bring back many joyful memories of motherhood for a senior struggling with memory loss and create lots of opportunities to discuss childhood, parenting and what it was like in the “old days.” Your senior’s caregiver can ask questions when appropriate to encourage discussion in these areas.

If you haven’t yet considered giving your loved one a doll, you may want to think about this option, especially if your senior seems to lack a sense of purpose. It may or may not be helpful, but is definitely worth a try!!

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Babies, naturalistic dolls benefit Millbrae seniors receiving Alzheimers care
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