Your Belmont senior can be a mentor! Tips for involvement with disability care needs

If your Belmont senior has a heart for making a difference in the community, he or she could become a mentor! Mentoring youth or other young adults can be a huge encouragement to both parties involved and can make a lifelong impact for good on the next generation. Even if your senior has disability care needs and limited mobility, he or she can still be a part.

Seniors receiving disability care can impact the next generation in Belmont

Seniors can have a profound influence on children and young adults. Your Belmont senior will likely have an improved overall mood and will get up each day knowing that someone needs them and their gifts / talents.

Mentoring can happen in a wide variety of scenarios and is thus perfect for seniors receiving disability care. If your Belmont senior lives close to you, he or she could watch the grandkids a couple times a month. Or, if you and your senior’s family all live far away, your senior can become a “grandparent” to other Belmont children through a local school, church, nonprofit or religious organization. Your senior will have so much fun reading books or interacting with young children (“grandkids”)!

If your senior receiving disability care has training in skills beneficial to young adults, he or she could use those skills by becoming a volunteer math / history / science tutor or even by offering cooking lessons to teens. NuevaCare’s disability care team can help your Belmont senior in doing this by assisting with grocery shopping for the lessons and in preparing for and helping with lessons while teens are around. A caregiver can also provide transportation assistance to locations around Belmont as needed to meet the mentee.

Mentoring is a great way for your Belmont senior to continue to relate to the world around him or her. Age and limited mobility can make it more difficult to understand the changing times, but a relationship with young adults as a mentor can go a long way towards helping your senior stay current. As your senior receiving disability care interacts with teens, he or she will have a better understanding of the challenges and ideas that today’s world is dealing with…and will likely have wisdom from the past to help future generations!

Young people will benefit from a mentoring relationship because they gain a friend who doesn’t judge them for wearing “uncool” clothes or for being different than the others at school. Mentoring can also help young people who come from broken family situations and gives them stability that’s much needed in formative years. Seniors can offer wisdom without being the same voice as parents…something teens really need.

All in all, mentoring can be a perfect way for teens, children and seniors to encourage and benefit from each other. Consider discussing this option today with your Belmont senior!


Your Belmont senior can be a mentor! Tips for involvement with disability care needs
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